Panamax M5400-PM & splitting power OUTPUT?

Hi. Since there are only (2) HIGH OUTPUT MAINS available , and I am connecting a Marantz Amp (100 WPC), a Marantz AVR, and a 500 W SVS SUB… can I SPLIT an outlet…or which outlet gets Priority?

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The voltage regulated outputs have 12A capacity (total) which for most systems is a lot. Honestly you could put them all on the VR (voltage regulated) without issue.

If you must use the high output outlets, which only have 3A more, go by the power rating on the back of the units. Order your devices by maximum power/fuse sizes and put the highest power items on the unregulated outlets.

Worth pointing out that the combined output of your unit is 15A.  The maximum output of the regulated outputs (12A) is a subset of the total 15A.  You don't get 15A + 12A = 36A, you still only get 15A. :)

PS - If your voltage sags while playing music you are going to be getting better performance by using the regulated outlets anyway. 

If your audio outlets are chained together examine the upstream outlets, and if backstabbed replace with new, contractor/residential tamper resistant outlets using back wire connections.  About $5 each. Well worth it just to get rid of back stabbed connections which can get intermittent over time. 

Thank you all! And watching YouTube videos it seems that the noise suppression of these units can be iffy when various noise meters are put to the test! I really don’t know if I’m going to notice any audio difference because I have no problems with my audio. I have one outlet attached to everything including the TV and Bluesound node and the amp, AVR, sub, Apple TV, and bunches of lights that are a little power but make the room inviting. I am just hoping to be doing the right thing because once I hook up in the winter time my Cary rocket 88, to my KLIPSCH Heresy iv Speakers, I look forward to the difference from solid state. And I also know that it is more important when I use the tube amp, to maybe pay more attention to the voltage? Also worth noting is that I have a remote battery switch that turns on all of my gear outside of my man cave, as it is one button and then everything attaches to that through various noise suppression multi strips or eight packs of outlets and there are probably three of them. Maybe I should not use this remote access turn on to the main switch in the wall outlet? It’s one of those one button wireless… thru  the airwaves… connected to the wall outlet turn on switch.


So Panamax / Furman have LiFT and SMP, if you have those features it's among the better noise suppression available. Forget the audiophile noise meters, they don't have enough data to understand if they even matter.

I used my Furman in several rental units and always noticed when it was absent.  I'm now in a home and my power is much cleaner.  Now I use Furman because I live in a lightning prone area.  . 

Smart switches are fine so long as they are properly rated for 15A. 

Please be careful in using too many surge strips.  Try not to daisy chain strips and extension cords as the latter often are barely rated for lamps and lack fuses or breakers.  There is a real fire hazard if used carelessly.  Especially don't put a surge strip after a UPS.