Panasonic "Smart" HT Question

Calling Panny users.

I have a 3.1 HT with a Yammaha Reciver and a Panasonic "Smart Viera" internet enabled TV.


The audio plays through the Reciever/HT when the program material is ordinary cable, but will only play through the TV's internal speakers, and not through the HT, when playing streaming content such as Netflix or Amazon.

Is there a setting I'm missing? The only obvious thing I can find in audio setting is an on/off toggle for the internal speakers, but the only efect this have is to mute the sound when set to "off."

Hoping some kind soul here can save me an hour on the phone with Panasonic customer support.



There is probably a coax or TOSLINK connection coming from the TV which will carry the audio to an appropriate input on your HT system. And/or you might also look carefully at your TV's manual and see if a configuration setting is amiss...

I ran a radio shack optical cable from my panasonic G25 to my marantz receiver. I make sure to turn on the receiver first.I get stereo from my amazon and netflix accounts accessed through viera cast.

I get 3.1 when using regular cable TV, which makes me doubt the issue can be the connection to the receiver.


Check your PCM and Dolby Digital in and out settings for all of your gear. I'm not familiar with your equipment, but something may set for PCM 2 channel, and may need to be set for Dolby Digital. If you make any changes, write it down so you can go back it doesn't work. Also, make only one change at a time when trying, and double check your manuals.
Hi Jdoris, the PCM stands for Pulse Code Modulation. Some TVs and cable boxes have different bit rate settings that even will put out a regular two channel signal that is compatible with a standard CD player's D/A converters. Then some other setting have a higher bit-rate that requires a Dolby Digital decoder for anything to happen.
On this Panasonic TV, page 176 in the Pdf manual talks about "default speaker" settings. Then on pages 21, 150, there are other settings. I don't know if any of these would do you any good. I wish I was more up to date on this TV audio. I have problems at times too. I'm used to regular CD player outputs, etc. The answer may be in the manual somewhere, but there's probably not an answer that will guarantee it will be compatible. I hope you can get it worked out.