Paradigm Speaker Question:


I have some Monitor Audio Bronze B2 speakers currently. I just finally sold my B&W 303s. I wanted to use the money from the sale and the "one year no-loss" trade up policy to change my B2s.
I want to try out Paradigms this time, and reading all the reviews on the Studio 40s, I wanted to get that. Unfortunately, my dealer only carries the Paradigm Monitor line. According to him, most of his customers end up with the Monitor Audio Silvers after listening to them and the Paradigm Studios, so he does not sell the Studios.

Anyway to cut to the chase, I tried the Paradigm Monitor 9 and the 11s, and liked them both very much. Not being a trained listener and I only have budget equipment (Rotel RA-1060 Amp, and 961 CD player), will there be enough of a difference between the Studio 40 and the 11s?

What I mean is if you were in my shoes, would you sell your B2s on your own (loosing the no-cost trade up) and go to the other dealer in town that does have the Studio 40 instead of getting the Monitor 11s? I will go and take a listen myself to the 40s, but I still wanted to get some opinions.
These speakers are intended only for my music system set up in the living room which is large (20' X 15') and open with high vaulted ceilings etc.


-- Sanjeev
You will have to answer that question yourself, as only your ear and eye will let you know what YOU LIKE!...not anyone elses opinion.
I never was a huge Paradigm or Monitor fan, and sold both lines.(actually, the Paradigm subs are superb!). Still, everyone's different, and owns different gear. I have however heard the newer Paradigms are supposed to be a rather significant improvment over previous, so go listen.
You might trade up for the new, sell them, and go buy what you want! That sounds like a winner to me.
As for speakers in your room, those speakers are all designed basically similar, and will acoustically function similar in that room/set up likely (tweeter on top, mid/woof under config), so no biggie there.
good luck
To answer your question simply, there is a large difference between the studio 40 and the monitor line. Detail, openess, just to name a few. If it were me, I would, without a doubt, go with the studio line.
There are differences between a Studio 40 (I'm assuming you mean v3) and Monitor 11s. I've listened to & bought both Monitors & Studios (but not 40s or 11s) and depending on the mood of the day either did just fine. Reviews and prices & placebo etc. will tell you that 40s have to be better, but unless you really A/B them side by side you might not know or care. All anyone here can do is provide psychological assurance that ya done good - your ears (and budget) are the only thing that can really make your decision.

What the heck - sell the Monitor B2s and buy some Axiom 60s or 80s (that should start some other chatter ;).
try the studio 60s, i own both the 40v.3 and the 60v.2 and find that the 60s sound much better overall in my room.
If I were you I would keep your current speakers, I have the MA Bronze B2 and they are great speakers. I've not been impressed with Paradigm, not even the Studio series...
There's a reason people choose the MA Silver over the Studios.....
i have owned the studio 20,and atom,both very good,the 20's are a step up over the monitor 11 from paradigm,,the silver series MA are nice especially with tube amps,and the new paradigm signature are phenominal but at 3000 canadian,too much,the new studio line from paradigm are nice, v3, the monitor audio silver are cool too ,more brit sound open,also the quad 21L and i own the 22L also deserve an audition ,or even the 12L from quad,bookshelf,for the money very very good,,peace v,
I just want to chime in my agreement with Vm8444 here - having auditioned the Paradigms and B&Ws in that pricepoint - I ended up with the Quad 21Ls (Floorstanders)and auditioned the whole Quad line. They are simply better speakers in terms of soundstage, depth of field, detail, midrange, they just make music better than the Paradigms and are fantastic for movies to boot. I was completely unimpressed with the Paradigm Stuido/Reference series.

The only other speakers in that price point I've been impressed with is the Epos M15s .... If I had had the chance to hear them when I purchased my Quad's it would have been a very difficult choice (probably still would have bought the Quad's though) But the Paradigm Studio & Reference series aren't even up for consideration in my books.

Ultimately - don't lock yourself into what one store carries - dealer loyalty is nice - but what it sounds like to you is the most important thing.
Has anyone compared the Monitor Audio Silver 2 against the Paradigm Studio 40s?
The Silver 2 is another one that I was thinking about.
Actually, now I am even thinking about the Monitor Audio Silver 6 as another option. I know I like my Monitor Audio Bronze B2, so the sound should be along the same lines only I hope better. I need to get something now to satisfy the itch in my wallet. I can always try the paradigm studios at a later date. These are for my music only system and I plan to swap things in and out fairly regularly so I can learn to appreciate differences between different components and learn more about what it is that I like and don't like (at the moment I couldn't answer that).

-- Sanjeev