Paradigm vs. PSB

I'm presently comparing PSB Silvers or 800i series to Paradigms monitor 7 or reference 1 for a purchase in the next week. Unfortunately no dealer carries both to compare side by side. i would appreciate any wisdom and guidance you could provide. They are similar in size and appearance and specs. I have an Onkyo M504 amp/preamp. Thank you!
You might like to check audioreview notes on PSB specilly the golds. I acquired stratus Goldi, 4 months ago and these are a very fine piece to own. Still haven't put better speaker cables and I'm highly satisfied with them. In my case system is also used for Home Theater but I'm 95% audio...Seems you have a nice integrated amp. B&K favours at least 150 watts at 4 ohms for the Golds. You don't mention what speakers you currently have. As with any equipment is a system and not a single piece you own and what might be wonderful for one might not be as good in other. Just for consideration build blocks for my system are B&K AV-5000II, Marantz AV550, Pioneer DVD 606D. Speaker cable currently Transparent 100's waiting for MIT 2 biwires to be delivered. Good luck
There is an older post here that you may want to see. Paradigm makes excellent speakers but the Stratus line of PSB is hard to beat. I was in same situation and chose the PSB. I was not able to hear them side by side as since they are in a similar niche, few dealers carry both lines. I found that in general the PSB were more of a relaxed and slightly relaxed but that the Paradigms have a slight edge in the bass response. I think it was Sensible Sound that has reviewed the Stratus Gold and the Paradigm 100's and they said that yes the Stratus speakears were more accurate but not by a wide margin and they are more expensive than the Paradigm. I however felt the Stratus was worth the money.
In my previous note please read PSB favours 150 watts @ 4 ohms. NOT B&K. Sorry
I just heard the Stratus Silvers and was not impressed. The treble was too laid back and i could not hear the drums.. The Paradigms are next on my list.