Parallel wiring of subwoofer?

Are there any issues with running a set of speaker wires from the amp to a subwoofers high level input, and another set of speaker wires from the same amp to a pair of speakers off the same set of binding posts? I have a pair of monarchy audio SE-100Delux monos hooked up to my computer and I'm thinking about purchasing a USB DAC. However, the USB DAC that I'm looking at only has one set of outputs and I'm trying to avoid running the signal through the high level inputs on the sub and then out to the speakers.

Another option would be to purchase a small preamp with two sets of outputs, but I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible.
I think it's possible that you may get too much response (amplitude and possible phase issues) in the upper frequencies of the sub. You will have those freq's played through the mains & also through the sub.

That's why the subs have a cross over (the high level input goes through the crossover & is divided with whatever slope and xover point the circuit is designed for). That is how the freqs mentioned above are controlled usually. (Having said all that, I kind of do the opposite thing that you describe--I have Gallo's which drive their woofers the xover from the full range binding posts & drive the woofers directly from the secondary binding post--but there is a second crossover and amplifier in the Gallo SA).

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I'm only running one speaker wire to each speaker. When I said "set" I actually ment one positive and one negative. My bad.

What I'm trying to do is advoid running the hig level signal through the internal crossover in the subwoofer.

I was thinking of setting the upper frequency of the sub to about 65hz. The -3db point on my monitors is about 60hz. I know it will take a lot of fiddling with the sub crossover and volume to get it to intergrate. Even though there's a high quality plate amp in the sub, I'm worried that running the signal throug the crossover might degrade the sound. I guess the only way to find out is to try it.
The configuration you described is the one that's recommended by HSU for their subs, running two sets of speaker cables from a single set of binding posts on the amp, one set to your main speaker and the other to your sub.

They advised me that the cables to the sub don't need to be of the same gauge and quality as the main cables since the sub is drawing a small current signal from the amp, then using its own amplifer to boost that signal.

I've found it easier to integrate the sub using that configuration than going from pre-amp outputs to the low-level inputs on the sub.

this may be a case of do as I do and not do as I say...

I take parallel outputs from my preamp and run one through the main amp & full range binding posts & take the other through the Gallo SA (xover, phase control & amp) to the second voice coil