Parasound Halo Integrated.

Hi all, I need some help. I just bought a used one for use in a second system. One of the reasons I decided upon it was the fact that I thought it supported Airplay. I was looking to stream to it wirelessly from my Macbook Pro. I was thinking I could hook it into my home network and that would be all I needed to do. Obviously that's not the case so I hoping someone is in a similar situation and could lend me a hand in finding a way to stream to it wirelessly. Thanks in advance!!

I do not know of any audiophile level "integrated amp" that supports streaming.  If you really want an all-in-one unit, you'll have to look at some of the home theater receivers, such as Marantz, Anthem, etc.  However, you will not get the sound quality of the Parasound because they will use lower grade power supply that needs to provide for 8+ channels (instead of the 2 channels of the Parasound).

The only alternative is to get an external DAC or streamer.  The Oppo Sonica (as an example) is a fine external DAC and will support Airplay streaming as well as a variety of other streaming.  This will give you a very nice analog DAC source for anything (streaming, CD, Airplay, spotify).

Or you can look at just a streamer and use the DAC in the Parasound (using a digital cable from the streamer).  There are a lot of options at different price points.  There's actually a "Streamers" thread in the digital forum here that you should read through.

You could hook-up a third generation or earlier AppleTV using an optical cable or you could use an AirPort Express and hook it up either with USB or optical and stream to these devices.
I have heard only good things about both the Auralic mini and the Bluesound two for entry level streaming devices. Either of these with your Parasound and you'll be cooking.
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Thanks everyone! I wasn't precise in my question, I wasn't looking to add an additional streamer, I was looking to stream Pandora and iTunes wirelessly from my MacBook Pro to the Parasound Halo.

@n0ct - Thanks for the info. Can you tell me if on is better than the other. Also in reading about the AirPort Express on Apple's website, it says that the USB port if for using a printer. I'm computer dumb, will using the USB port also work to stream Pandora or iTunes and not just a printer?
Airport express using optical cable is the best bet for streaming from Mac wirelessly! USB on airport express can't be used for DAC input so Forget that USB option!! 


I had a Parasound Halo Integrated, just recently. It doesn’t have built in wifi. The only way you’ll be able to stream wirelessly to it, is if you buy an additional component to connect to the Parasounds’ USB/OPT/or COAX inputs.

I used an Apple TV (gen 2) via Optical Toslink with good success. 

Right now I’m using an Aries Mini (streamer) and that supports Airplay as well.

Hope that helps, and good luck.

I'm also using the Aries Mini. But if want a quick and simple (also cheap) solution I would just pick up the Apple TV gen 3 and run it through optical input like @robelvick just mentioned. 
If    I am  not mistaken,I believe the McIntosh MA 5200 supports Wi-FI
streaming,4500 bucks
Thanks everyone, that is exactly what I needed to know!

@etalks - That is exactly what I was wondering if I could use the Airport Express.

@robelvick and taigo729 - Thank you, that is what I am going to get.

@anthonymolfetta - I took a look at the 5200 on Mc's website, they don't mention that it has built in Wi-fi.
If you don't mind, michaela, what speakers are you pairing with the Parasound, and how do you find the sound?  Any cabling preferences?
213 - I will report back with my impressions but I'm a setting this up in a secondary room so I am using what I have on hand. I have a pair of Vienna Acoustics Strauss and Cardas Golden Reference cables. I'm hoping it's a good match.
Thanks so much! I’ve had my eye on the Parasound.  It apparently has a great phono and dac section.
At some point in the future I plan to replace my Parasound JC 2 BP preamp, 3 JC 1 monoblocks, and 2 A 23 surround amps with a Halo Integrated driving a pair of KEF LS50s for a simple secondary stereo setup.  I assume the integrated will play nicely with my wife's favorite racing red LS50s.  Is that a reasonable assumption?

I'll venture an opinion on that.  For those that have a critique of the LS50's, harshness or brightness in the upper registers is something mentioned.  I owned the P7 and A21 and found them quite good, but one or the other did not reveal the last bit of air in music.  I never noticed this immediately, and had speakers that were somewhat laid back, so it probably wasn't the best combination.

Anyway, what I've read on the Halo integrated is that it's dead neutral, so I think it would be safe to say any top end hotness would be limited to the music being played and whatever the LS50s might be doing.
My wife's favorite racing red LS50s are being driven by a chain of Ayre electronics, QX-5 D/A processor, KX-5 preamp, and VX-5 amp, all Twenty series.  But previously it was a Cary Cinema 12 and Parasound A 21.  We haven't experienced harshness or brightness with either.

At the point alluded to in my 9/17 post, the Ayre chain will drive my KEF Reference 107/2s or, perhaps, Blade 2.

I had my Halo Integrated with LS50s for about 2 months.  It was a wonderful match.  Everything sounded extremely neutral, with perfect balance.

I was however not impressed with the Halo's phono stage, or DAC, compared to my separates.  I ended up selling the Halo, only because I felt I wasn't getting complete use of everything it offered.
Ah, but of course you are missing the all important details.  What DAC and separate phono stage sounded better you yourself?
@213runnin The phono stages were an iFi iPhono2 and a PS Audio NPC, and the DAC was Wyred4Sound DAC2se.
Thank you, those components are indeed pretty special, and I'm not surprised that the Halo Integrated couldn't match them.  My DAC and separate phono pre are pretty basic stuff so I might see an upgrade in SQ all the way around.  Schiit Mani and Bifrost Multibit.  
Hegel integrated amps have a good day and support airplay. Dealer's are closing out the even numbered units for 1/2 price so the h 160 rated at 150/8 ohms and 250 into 4 with a high damping factor works well. I'm driving the Strauss tonight with the h 360 and occasionally swap the Beethoven's in for a turn and the Hegel Rock's! Something we don't usually think va's are about.