Pass Labs AMP’s- What is the best Pass Amp Sound for You from past 10 years

So I have an XA-25 and its outstanding. I’ve tested the XA60.8 mono’s and there was not enough difference to move to them; no jaw dropping moments. Don’t get me wrong they were fantastic, but so is the XA25. Looking at the 350.8 or 250.8, etc.... even in comparison the Integrated INT-250... If you love it; want to explain what you like and why? I’m wondering what others are thinking... 
My set up: Wilson Sophia II’s, XA-25, Pass Labs XP-22 pre, Merging+NADAC. 
Has anyone compared X250.8/X350.8 to the X260.8 monos?
Will be used with Maggie 3.7’s.

How much better is the XP22 compared to XP12?
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I took an X350 home one weekend in 2002 for an audition. 19 years later- this past February I switched to the new X260.8 monos. My son has the X350 now. I’m using these amps with an ARC Ref 5SE and Thiel CS6 speakers and Purist Audio cables throughout. I can play it loud for me and the needles don’t move. I was nervous that I might feel the loss of the few watts difference from the X350 but no. It took some time for them to break in. Every time I listen now the sound stage is startlingly clear and focused. The highs are crisp and fast. That’s the best way I can describe it.
The only solid state amp outside of Pass Labs that I would own is CODA, and that is what I own!