Soundsmith - Hyperion vs lyra ETNA

I am have a EMT 6.0 cartridge. I'm looking to jump up. Maybe... The EMT Is a great player on my Brinkmann Oasis. smooth realistic and a heap of soul. I have had alot of great moments with it. If I do jump up it will be one of these 2. Does anyone have experience with both of these? I have heard the lyra quit a few times. I know what it does and it does alot well.  I feel like lyra is alot like ARC. Ton of dynamic and clarity, but missing a tad of texture and touch. EMT was my yin to my thoughts on lyra.
Soundsmith I got one good listen at RMAF last year and it really sounded to be great, but I was with ALL gear I dont know.. but ita kinda sounded like it just got out of the way..
I’ve not heard the EMT 6, but I would have thought from what I read that it’s not really in the same class as the Lyra Etna. Also not really the same price category either. 
I recently we through some exploration on cartridges including the Etna. I started with the Koetsu Onyx Platinum, then Koetsu Urushi Black, then Lyra Etna SL. I also listened extensively to the Air Tight PC-1 and non-SL Etna, and several Clear Audio cartridges. 
While I had the Onyx Platinum ($10k) on for a while, when I switched to the Etna SL ($10k) it was a huge step up. The SL has texture and detail that seems to surpass anything under $10k and lost nothing in mids sweetness to the Koetsu. Also, the Lyra tracks way better than any other cartridge I tried. This was especially important for orchestral music.  
You are right. The EMT is not in the same category. That is why I'm looking to upgrade. I know the soundsmith and the Lyra are the next level. I'm more looking to see about the character. If the EMT had a "next level" I think I would be moving up the line. The new SS Hyperion  Is the only thing I have heard that can give the ETNA a run. Would love to hear if anyone has xp with both.
what’s the sound you’re looking for? There are lots of great cartridges in this range including the ones I mentioned. What’s the rest of your setup?
Right now EMT 6.0 Brinkman oasis, Analysis plus phono cable, 
Shindo Masseto with AU 23- SUT, CJ LP125+ amp, AQ Thunderbird speaker cable. Wilson Sabrina speakers. 
Beautiful setup! Types of music? What sound profile are you looking for? Electronics seem to the warm side?
If you mean mid range bump by warm, no. I would disagree with that. I Would say the timber is very honest.  it’s on the darker side though. It’s clashing between transparent and dark. I cannot say I’m lacking detail.  The AQ zero gets a lot out of the components.  As far as music, your typical hifi junk, Jazz vocals, Elvis Presley to dire straits.  I’m sitting roughly at 200 records. 
I could see the sound Smith or the Lara both doing really well. I think the Lara Would at youth. I think the sound Smith would just get out of the way.  
I don't think you'll be disappointed with either.  I have had three main carts on my table for the past couple years.  A Koetsu RSP, a Lyra Atlas and a SoundSmith MIMC star and most recently traded up to a SS Sussurro.  
To my ears, the SoundSmith sits in the middle of the Koetsu and Lyra spectrums of emphasis. It is not distracting on the high end like the Lyra can sometimes be with its super realistic extension and it is not as romantic and groovy as the Koetsu. The SoundSmith carts do get out of the way in all the right ways.  Makes me forget about what cart is on  and enjoy the music.  You can tell you are getting everything off the recording without commentary. I really love how those SS low output carts sound. So quiet too! system, my ears, haven't listened to the Etna. 
Karl, any experience with EMT? I have heard the Alas a few times and it’s either perfect or too sharp and on the verge of thin in the upper register. With Vandersteens it was perfect.   Etna just losses that. And perhaps you’re  right, the Atlas is very realistic. The new SpundSmith cactus cantilever sounds really integral and interesting. 
I went with Hyperion over Atlas because it was equally detailed, more musical and a lot more practical in terms of warranty, service etc.  The Atlas is an awesome cartridge, but on my system it was a bit too high strung.  My system:  cj: ART150 (recent upgrade from ARTsa, which was the amp at the time of the cartridge decision), GAT2, TEA1 ser.3. Speakers are Sony SS-AR2, turntable is a SL1200GAE.  I also have a heavily modded VPI Prime.
I have only listened to EMT outside my home so I can't tell you what kind of changes to expect compared to a Lyra or SoundSmith.   I do have the perspective of breaking a Lyra Delos. So what Bill says above is an excellent point about MI versus MC.  Much cheaper to repair the SoundSmith cart, plus at this level, should you ever need it repaired, Peter Ledermann will do it himself.
I'm interested in perspectives here as well. Currently using a Soundsmith MIMC Star in a VPI 3D-10 Gimbal. Love it but been wondering about a few things as I contemplate whether to upgrade.

Thing 1: Wondering how the new ES series Soundsmiths improve upon the prior versions (I purchased my MIMC Star just before they changed the cartridge body to the ES type).

Thing 2: Wondering what happens when you go from the MIMC Star to the Sussuro. 

Thing 3: I've been looking hard at the EMT line after hearing from several folks I trust that the EMTs fly under the radar but provide a very engaging presentation. I'm looking at the JSD 6 or JSD Pure Black (formerly the JSD 75th Anniversary). Heck, I might even try an HSD 006 just to experience the flavor. 

Please chime in as you are able......
I also have a broken Lyra Helicon setting in a shelf because it was going to be 1700 and 6 months to rebuild it. 
I own the emt 6.0 I dont know how to explain it. I can best compare to Harbeth speakers. They tell me the same things. Very clear and yet British, but I would not call it warm. Honest dynamics.
I got to hear it back to back against an Etna. The first 5 mins the Etna beat it in every way. It was more dynamic more clear more wow, but after that 5 min I wanted the EMT back. Maybe a part of that was 3k I would save. I was just enjoying myself just a little bit more with the EMT. via this thread I have it down to the EMT platinum and the SoundSmith. I just dont know what you get and lose between the 2. 
@dodgealum I also had the non-ES version of the MIMC star.  My initial impression was positive but I also felt like it sounded a little "closed in" for lack of a better term.  Very clean and low distortion but not the expansive soundstage I was used to hearing form my other carts. I'm wondering if this is why some people are turned off from SS carts? For me though, the clarity and focus of the MIMC made me continue to listen. Something great happened around 50-75 hours of playing time (hard to know for sure cause I rotate carts) and the MIMC became more expansive, super clear and just sounded very natural.  Its like a sonic magnifying glass was applied.  I started hearing lots of new musical lines in complex music. Master tape-like without hiss.  It was after I noted this breaking in that I became interested in hearing what the fancier SS carts could do.  

I traded the MIMC in for a Sussurro MKII ES and I've had it mounted to the same Mørch DP8 arm as the MIMC.  The Sussurro already sounds as good as the broken in MIMC. Not "closed in" at all and very low distortion.  Amazing channel separation, musical information and natural frequency balance.   I have maybe 20 hours on the new cart and I am hopeful that when it breaks in, something even greater will happen. I am already quite pleased with the Sussurro. I have no idea what part is the Sussurro engine and what part is the ES.  As I understand it, the Sussurro extends the low mass concept design even further than the MIMC. 

I can only imagine that the Hyperion would be even better. 
If anyone here is attending the CAF Show next weekend, we will be using the Soundsmith Hyperion cartridge. Please stop by to check it out. We are in room 504. Obviously it's difficult to separate the cartridge from the rest of the system, but it's worth a listen.
Last year at CAF there were two identical VPI HW-40 turntables being demonstrated in the VPI room.  One had a SS Hyperion and the other a Lyra Etna if my memory is correct.  I listened for quite a while during multiple visits to the room and greatly preferred the SoundSmith as many others may have as it seemed it was usually the choice of those spinning the vinyl by the end of the show.  
I would say that would be so with the VPI combo. They are known to be a good match. I have heard that VPI and Lyra can be too much of the same thing. 
So I ended up going with a new EMT. The EMT Lime. Here is why.
I called a dealer that sold both EMT and SoundSmith..  Feed back went a fallows.
Soundsmith was more coherent, cleaner and a bit more polished sounding. EMT came off with a bit more texture detail, a touch more forward, but only when called upon.  Splitting hairs EMT is more tonally accurate and darker, but that was if you have to have to address a non existing issue in the name of nit picking. I got the idea EMT had more grip. .That was the gist. The new EMT lime with the sapphire cantilever and new coils is a special treat.. I guess
 NOTE: This was him putting it against a 5k SoundSmith. The Hyperion he  said can be system dependent. If you get it right its mind blowing.. I dont know if @arion would agree.
I get the emt in 2 weeks. I will fallow up.
@kingdombuildingcon Please do. I am looking at the Soundsmith Sussero and the EMT JSD 6 or Pure Black so would love to hear what you discover. Can you let us know why you chose the Pure Lime over the Pure Black?
The EMT are a nice cartridge. I have not been without one for many years. I run a Tsd-75. I have an Air Tight PC-7 now as well. Please let us know what you think of the Pure Lime. I'm unfamiliar with their newest models.
@dodgealum @dodgealum  honestly. That’s what they recommend.  I think there about the same thing.  I own the 6.0 now. It’s amazing. That’s why I’m staying in the line.  It does have a ceiling. A very high one, but it’s there.  Nothings wrong it’s just runs out of high-fi head room at some point. All my gear is in the 15K range. If you know something about the black that I don’t please let me know. 
@karl_desch  Any updates on the Suessuro ES? 
@kingdombuildingcon Are you still digging the Lime?
Lime gets in tomorrow. It was set up by a really high end dealer on a brinkmann oasis.  I will let you know  by the end of the week. The fella that set it up said it’s sounding really good. It was his first time with an EMT and sounded really delighted. Can’t wait. But I’ll be honest if it’s not all I hoped for. 
@dodgealum Continuing to hear amazing things with this cartridge. I'm appreciating that the Sussurro doesnt call attention to itself just lets you here new things in familiar recordings and really get the musical message. My evaluation is somewhat complicated by a new phono preamp, the Pass XP-27, which is also adding to the enjoyment. I think I still have some hours to go before the Sussurro reveals its mature self. 
@fjn04   @dodgealum 
  Concerning the the EMT lime.. I will start with the words of my wife while listing to Nora Jones. "All I can say is it sound perfectly real" She has an ear, knows the gear and goes to the shows. Never had I heard such a perfect mix of tone, bloom and speed. You almost dont need any of these adjectives to help explain how close it is. its just real.. It has such a real tone. Its coherent, but not clean or over polished. 1950 recordings have that sound of old anlog mixing boards. Somehow it brings out new tones textures without getting too fast or thin. Very authentic reproduction is all I can say. Do I think its a giant killer? yes.

 I have been though my paces of cartridges. I would say not a coherent as Soundsmith, but more micro texture and more shift in tones. Not as deep and dynamic as lyra,but more authentic.
 A part of me whats to listen to wonderful sounding music. Another part of me whats to win awards for my machine that I have created ( that don't exist)  This would be a cornerstone of my award winning performance.  

Warnings. It starts of sounding like total trash and stays that way for about 15 hours and then very slowly takes off. VTA.. The closest to perfect zero you can get the better. I took it in and they have the equivalent to the Hubble  telescope for a vta  tool and it made a world of difference. they say 2.4 tf. im at a very light 2.5. When my hifi journey started this is the kind of sound I wondered if it would possible in my own home. 
right now I am running Wilson Sabrina's. Tomorrow I will pick up Focals Sopra 3's. Totally different speaker. We will see what she does on there. 


My apologies for reviving such an old thread....

I was just curious if you stayed with the EMT cartridge or have moved on to something else?  If so, what did you end up getting?

Did you ever find out what the difference is between the Pure Lime and the Pure Black, other than color?

Thanks and best wishes to all,