Passing of James Bongiorno

It saddens me to say Jim passed away on Jan 10th. Here is a link with some of his achievements.

I remember fondly the conversations I would have with him at the C.E.S. He was a very colorful person and was always recognizable even from a distance. He will be terribly missed.
R.I.P. Jim.
I can't believe this was never mentioned on the Audiogon Hub. This is major news. Thanks for posting this. May Jim RIP.

One of my family members who is into audio played some music for me on his system that comprised of a SUMO Nine and a SUMO Athena preamp. It was very nice sounding to me and got me hooked. Years later my uncle still has the SUMO Nine amongst his other collection of amps and listens to it periodically and still enjoys it.

For myself I acquired a Sumo Nine a couple of years back and had it rebuilt by Mike Bettinger. This amp is awesome sounding. I've now paired it with a pair of B&W Matrix 805 speakers and the sound is wonderful.

I love the SUMO Nine and will keep it for as long as I can. It is an amp to me that stood the test of time.

Again may Jim RIP.
As a college kid in the 70's, I used to dream of one day owning a set of Bongiorno designed SAE badass stereo equipment.
My first High End product ever was a Grandson of ampzilla. A couple years later I was a Sumo dealer. Met Jim a couple of times. He was bold, confident and very likeable. This minute, his last versions of Ampzilla and Ambrosia are still among the best you can buy... We'll miss you Jim
I liked Jim Bongiorno and owned several pieces of his equipment, but he was often full of shit. I will long remember his comment after some consumption of liquor that, "electrons don't know what wire the went through when they emerged." All of those present had a good time tearing this apart or exaggerating it.

RIP guy and have a good amp ready for me.
Upgraded incarnations of his first designs are still among the best you can buy imo.
Tbg, I agree. But a wire isn't just a wire. It's a resistive wire, and possibly a capacitive wire as well.
Tbg: seems fairly science-fictionish to me. Each electron is affected? In which way? Seems to me that an electron is an electron is an electron. Do you mane something like rate of flow or some such thing?