Paypal Restrictions and Withholding Funds

Paypal has been withholding fund that I get paid for selling my used gear on Audiogon. Paypal withholds my funds for weeks and requests tons of information concerning the Audiogon sale before releasing the funds to me. Is there a better online payment service company out there? Is Zelle a good alternative? Please help, I need to stop using Paypal


I had no problems with PayPal when I sold stuff on eBay. Had to wait until the stuff was delivered.

there are other alternatives for sending funds but does the other person use that service also is the question?

Hey, are you saying that Paypal increased services charges for their account holder, but I did not hear from anyone else, or maybe they know but didn't tell me? If you are sure that Paypal does it so I request you to tell me exactly the difference between previous and present charges. I need to know it soon because I need to submit fees to collect my certification of learning javascript course online from yoohoo academy, I use a Paypal account to transfer money if there is much increase in paypal restrictions and Wwthholding funds then I will deal ion cash because I cannot afford much service charges.

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I’ve been having the problems with PayPal as osadu. I hate it. Also sold a record cleaning machine on here and unfortunately the cover got broke during shipment and PayPal is refunding buyers whole amount. 

Do your self a favor and just stop using PayPal.  What a rip off.  I stopped selling on eBay years a go because after eBay and PayPal took their cut, nothing was left.  

I’ve only sold one piece of audio equipment, The payer quickly sent the money via PayPal after receiving the component. I then had the same problem as osadu with Paypal not wanting to release the payment. After a series of emails to them and jumping through some hoops, they finally agreed to send the payment to me only if I connected my PayPal account to my bank account for direct deposit plus provided my Social Security number, Both of which I found to be outrageous demands.

After providing that information under protest to obtain the substantial payment I finally received the money. I cancelled my PayPal account the next day as they promised to delete the information provided along with rest of my account information if I did so. So hopefully my bank account and Social Security Number would now not be subject to being hacked. through PayPal like my Ebay account had been a number of years ago.


If you do a lot of transactions PayPal starts to think you are a business and holds funds for a while. I had a buyer pay me by e-check into PayPal and all hell broke lose. PP though I was a business and I had a lot of sales and purchase of audio gear so it did not look good. I called PP and sorted it out but I was messed up for about a week.

I had babysitter payments and other regular bills that were on hold until PP could reset my account after about 5 days. Lesson learned and luckily I do not plan on selling or buying any more audio gear.

Same issue with a couple thousand dollars was a billion or something...

It is ALL about the cash, and no matter how many billions the CEO has, IT ISN'T ENOUGH.  They need to keep your funds for a few days to earn the interest.  Sure, a few cents on 5 grand isn't much, but multiply that by a million and you are almost talking about real money here. And, every day of the year, as well.

No matter how many billions ANYONE has , IT IS NEVER ENOUGH.

So, you are dealing with the greediest people on the planet.  What did you expect?

They did not get billions without being greedy.

Funny, they are all mostly "christians" of some sort.  Kinda makes you wonder if they follow any of the teachings, but I digress.

Greed is greed, you are "playing with the BIG BOYS" and it is "HARD BALL" and all the other tired cliches these people use to excuse their greed.  Reminds me of one of my fav country songs:  "I've Never Seen a Hearse with a Luggage Rack."