Peachtree Nova 300: good reviews. Any members own Peachtree? YEA or NAY?

Peachtree: YEA or NAY?

Has HT Bypass; Phono; DAC; Power

Sound Quality of prior Peachtree products?


Customer Service?

I could change my Home Theater from a Sony 7.2 AVR (no front preouts) to:

NEW 2 Channel Front Stereo System (peachtree above)


NEW Sony AVR with Front Preouts to the Peachtree.

It would be for ’supposedly’ better front sound for Video Content, 5.1 or 2 CH Video (never 2 ch audio only), so a lot of money involved, but tempting.

existing Sony AVR sounds darn good (thus could be a lot of money for a slight change only).

DAC, Streamer, Phono, all great but not needed.

Well, I could use it in my office and try streaming there, but my Luxman sounds great already, so just a Streamer/DAC would add that up here.

Just tempting, so, Is Peachtree Grest/Good/Just OK???

Front Speakers are/would be DBX Soundfield 100's
I owned the Peachtree Nova 300 integrated and also the X1 Grand Integrated.  Both are very good and include a nice DAC.  I'm not familiar with your receiver and can't comment as to whether it would be better or not. 

I no longer own either Peachtree unit.  I prefer the solid state and tubed integrateds I've owned since then, both have a fuller richer sound than the Peachtree units.  The claimed 300 watts don't have the same punch as the 50 watts my ARC VSi55 puts out or the 125 watts of my Simaudio 600i.  I also owned a Vincent SV237 which I thought was better than the Peachtree units, although a little less refined.  I think the Simaudio is the only one that had HTBP.

I think you're on the right track, but the Peachtree might not be the ticket to get you there.  
Superseded by the 400 model, which uses GaNfets.  Word is that the components inside the 400 and the LSA Voyager are very similar, and both are outperforming previous Peachtree products.
big greg, thanks for sharing your experiences

twoleftears, thanks for the info on the innards. did you mean the 500 model?