Peachtree Nova or Jolida Hybrid Integrated

I am looking for a hybrid integrated for an entry level system. I am considering the Peachtree Nova or the Jolida 1501BRC. They seem relatively similar (tube pre, Mosfet power) with the Peachtree adding a DAC. If I go with the Jolida, I am considering the Musical Fidelity V-DAC or something similar. I want the tube pre for an open warm sound,but do not want to deal with a tube power amp. The room is not large (15x15) in a apartment building, so playing really loud is not an issue. Music is jazz and classical (mostly small group, not large orchestra). Speakers will be Totem Arros. The Arros are 87 db and 4 ohm, but I have been told that either of these amps will drive them at modest levels. Anyone compared these 2 integrated or run either with Arros? Unfortunately, it is not easy for me to audition either of these with the Arros. I would like to use a Pathos Classic One (I already have one), but it is a little out of the price range for this system. Thanks for any help.
I listened to the peachtree a few weeks ago, it was an integrated, so I cannot be certain it was the same model. I also listened to a Jolida all tube integrated (again, uncertain of the model). I was listening to speakers at the time and really just to make sure there were no problems with the speakers.

That being said, both integrateds were played on Magnepan smg-a speakers (cheap speakers). I was at the dealer to buy a pair of Thiels and since the used maggies were cheap, I figured I'd pick them up too.

Both sounded pretty good with these speakers. Neither had notable bass, but that may have been the speakers more than the amps. I have owned the arros in the past and they can sound bright with the wrong amp. I think you will be satisfied with either one, but if it me, I would go with the Peachtree over the Jolida. If you were talking a Jolida fully tubed integrated, my opinion would be for the Jolida.

I know I am not the best person to reply since I wasn't auditioning the amps and the speakers were somewhat of an anomoly in comparison to yours.
Thanks Ckoffend

Anyone else with any experience with either of these integrateds?
I own the Jolida 1501 hybrid and I don't think it would have any problem driving your Arro speakers. The amps puts out 100 watts into 8-ohms and twice that into 4-ohms.

It does have an open, warm and sparkling sound quality. The amp sounds vivid, rich, romantic, and fully saturated...almost technicolor. In fact, it sounds quite similar to the all tube Jolidas (just lacking a tiny bit of romance in the treble in comparison).

I have never heard the Peachtree, so I can't make any judgment but I would keep one think in mind. DAC modules built into amps are likely to become obsolete as DAC technology changes and improves (about as quickly and as often as computer technology changes and improves). Separate DACs thus may be more versatile.
Layman -thanks, that is helpful. The Peachtree seems to be a nice DAC with an OK power amp, whereas the Jolida seems like it may be a bettr amp. The Peachtree has a switchable power supply, which is useful since this unit will go to Europe. But I can get a 230 V Jolida. I agree that an integrated DAC, although useful, may not be a long term solution as computer audio evolves. Thanks.
I bought the peach tree idecco at christmas time. The nova is rated at 80w so is better I'm sure. The amp in the decco, rated at 40w seems like the weakest 40w amp I've ever heard. CANNOT drive b&w 602s even in a very small room. I have a Jolida 302brc fully tubed 50w integrated. It drives the 602s with ease and is the best amp dollar for dollar I've ever had. I'm sure paired with a v-dac it would run circles around either peachtree!
I would take Zeekzaak's opinions with a grain of salt (the same goes for me and everyone else here who doesn't hear things exactly as you do). I've had the same exact unit (the iDecco). I've driven the original Advents, Usher S-520's, and Decware ERR's with the iDecco. I have amps with more detail and dynamic range, but the Peachtree has a good tonal balance and is very musical. It's far from the best amp I've heard, but I haven't listened to a ton of amps that cost much less than the iDecco itself. I've also been told that the iNova's amp is bigger improvement than just adding a few decibels of headroom.

If you were asking about a fully tubed Jolida, I would probably get the Jolida (I'm a tube guy first and foremost). I think you would enjoy either product, but I definitely recommend giving the Peachtree a shot.
If you are mostly using digital sources, the Peachtrees have excellent DACs in them. I heard demos of iPods plugged into the Wadia ITransport 170 with an S/PDIF coax to the Peachtree, and it was excellent sound. In fact Magnepan was using this signal chain as a demo to demo their new Mini Maggies. To be fair, they were using the Peachtree as a DAC/linestage, sending the pre-out to three Brystons to drive the rather inefficient Magnepan panels. Still, the actual quality of the signal was excellent, including the best drum playback I've ever heard (and I'm a lifelong drummer).

If you go the Jolida/VDAC route, you should probably also budget another $99 to get Audio Advisor's Pangea aftermarket power supply.

OTOH I also have a Jolida phono stage and line stage, and like them very much as well. I think you'd get good sound with either signal chain.
I ended up with a Naim Nait 5-i2, purchased in Europe to avoid the power issues. Matches very well with Totem Sttafs that I endup up with.