Perfect Path Total Contact no longer?

Tried to get onto Perfect Paths website and order some Total Contact. I see that there website is now down, and the owner has died(R.I.P). Does anyone have any news on the availability of this product?
Once nirvana has been attained through tweaking, only then can one really appreciate the genius that went into the design of the equipment, no matter the brand being used.

Without all of the tweaks added to the system, including, but not limited to, the PPT products, I thought it was a good system ... and it should have been based on the dollars spent. 

After all of the various tweaks were installed and applied ... well, as you know, everything is an accumulation in an audio system. When it all comes together correctly, the realism is astounding.


^^What he said.
For the record of course as OP well knows, I am not an “anti tweaker.”

“I’m not a crook.” 🤥
First climber: Wow! What a fabulous view! So this is what it looks like from the top of the world! 

Second climber: Relax, Jack, we’re only at Base Camp.
If anyone is looking to buy PPT products, Ron Hedrich at Marigo Audio still has a few new products for sale. He was an authorized dealer through Tim before his passing.

@millercarbon Yo, fellow prober of audio and life,agreed! Most of us get on the better equipment "merry-go-round" with improvements sprinkled in here and there. If you can minimize VIBRATION,RFI,EMI,ect., clean up and enhance electrical supply and digital feed, you find out the equipment is just a small variable vs the effects of proper tweaking. Just like you i was happy with my system, but bliss came after tweaking. You can go from loving to grokking your stereo! And believe me that is when all the emotions can come pouring-in and blow you away. All this "clarity" comes together and my Cheshire grin just gets a little wider. marc brown P.S.  Just wish I knew that to begin with!  P.P.S. Of course it is understood room and speaker set-up is HUGE!