Perfect Path Total Contact no longer?

Tried to get onto Perfect Paths website and order some Total Contact. I see that there website is now down, and the owner has died(R.I.P). Does anyone have any news on the availability of this product?
We don’t like vendettas. Take your vendetta outside. We wish not to get another thread deleted because of some foolishness. Run around the block. Do some yoga. Try not to hyperventilate.  😤

I’m not attacking you at all, sorry if it came off that way. The Heritage Foundation is not remotely a group I wish to be “informed by”. Nor is Breitbart or Fox or any other publication or group who deny facts in order to further lightly shrouded personal agendas. The Heritage Foundation was started by Joseph Coors et al and along with the National Prayer Breakfast cultists have different goals than do I.

I am not in favor of the recent tax cuts even though it benefitted me. I am in favor of fiscally responsible policies which will result in many of us here paying alot higher taxes. Somebody has to pay for the massive programs that were recently and justifiably implemented.
Everyone GIVE IT A REST! This is an AUDIO forum, not a POLITICAL one! Nobody comes here for political opinions, whether they are ones they agree with, or not. Just because some troll willfully ignores that and pushes your buttons doesn't mean you have to respond. Act like adults and keep this a refuge from ubiquitous political vitriol.
Part of the problem is that a small number of people are regularly providing links to what most people would call ultra conservative/fringe websites.  Audiogon needs to be careful not to become an open outlet for extremism and conspiracies.  From Audiogon's perspective it's probably best to nip it in the bud early and often.
Part of the problem is a fringe group of very loud and obnoxious bullies have been lording it over everyone for so long now and it has gotten so blatant and awful that more and more people are rising up and standing athwart history and saying, "ENOUGH!"

And you are not programmed to deal with this, and you are frustrated. Of course you are. You are NPC.
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So much rage and anger.  Where does it come from?  Do you really think the whole world is conspiring against you?  Try reading some Richard Hofstadter.
Am I sensing a third spike coming today? What a revolting development! And 4 more hours to go. Come on, guys, get it together!
I don't think we've seen the last of spikes. The more places start opening the worse it will get if we don't practice sensible recommendations. 

I guess someone didn't like a reasonable approach.
What is happening is that in the beginning it was almost all New York for cases and deaths. Now that New York is settling down and cases and deaths are going down all the places that used to have very low numbers are now blooming in cases and deaths, like roses in the spring 🌹🌹🌹Instead of only one epicenter we now have a whole bunch of epicenters. So, it is unlikely the numbers in the US will be going down any time real soon. This situation is developing without any opening up. 

Relax and have some manners. You finally repeated my prediction and explanation from a few weeks ago.

Or, should I say, bugger off, slow learner?
Be polite. Say "thank you".

What is the reason for you being so unreasonably rude? Do you think it is cool and makes you interesting? Any other reason? Anything at all? Just a personality flaw? Be nice.
Can I suggest a long cold shower, gloopy? If that doesn’t work see your doctor.

"Can I suggest a long cold shower, gloopy?"
I would suggest the same for you. You seem to be very irritable.

If that doesn't work, try with hot bath.
I’m embarrassed for you, glumpy. Can I suggest a psychiatrist? Maybe for $200 an hour someone will listen to you.
Uh, excuse me?

This just in,

New Jersey reports highest single-day death toll - with parks, golf courses set to reopen Saturday

Am I wrong? But it appears that states are willing to sacrifice a great many people to save the economy, such as it was. This is reminiscent of the Incas or whoever sacrificing people to save their crops.
Uber, the grammatically correct way to write that is, you pair has some serious issues. Pair is singular. Oh, and thanks for the free psychoanalysis! 🤡
Personally, I find clowns disturbing.
I think it stems from when I was a kid and found that dead clown in the woods...
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Actually geoff, uber is correct as you and glupson are separate entities, as opposed to, say, a pair of pants, which in that case would be treated as a singular entity. Also as opposed to clowns, who should be treated with distrust and enmity...

It takes two scissors to make one pair of scissors. Each half is one scissor. And it takes two pants to make one pair of pants. Each leg is one pant. That’s why they call it a pant leg.
Yes, but they are put and sewn together and function as a single entity.
While you and glupson are separate, mutually exclusive entities.
And I hear terrific dancers...!
Although it could be argued that you two are connected by your collective love for interpretive dance.
Interesting question, Frank.
The term has been around since the 1860’s to describe a short panted suit for boys, as only men wore long pants with a suit. Until a boy reached manhood (age 13) he was not allowed to wear long pants with a suit. Women were not allowed to wear suits at all. When women had enough of that nonsense, they started wearing semi looking suits, and the term somehow switched over to describe that style of clothing. It was an exciting time. Perhaps geoff could better describe it through interpretive dance.
OK, class, why do they call it a scissor kick? There are two legs. They should call it a scissors kick.
Maybe the carpathian or oregonpapa can explain why they call it a tutu and not a oneone. I suspect they probably have the most experience trying on their mother’s tutus. I have practically no experience.
I can explaine it Geoff ...

TuTu's are what "tu" consenting adults do. OneOne's are what pubescent boys do. 
You can explain it. You just can’t spell it. I have a funny feeling you can explain adult diapers, too. 
I now have to officially expand my diagnosis to "you four".

Ya gotta larf tho
"you two are connected by your collective love for interpretive dance."
Just do not tell me we need to take a cold shower together.

"And I hear terrific dancers...!"
I am not sure about geoffkait, but they lied about me.

  • You can explain it. You just can’t spell it. I have a funny feeling you can explain adult diapers, too.

Of course, I can explain adult diapers, Geoff ...

Adult diapers are those devices I keep in reserve just on the remote chance that any of the members (like you) who ever called me a "shill" regarding various tweaks I've discovered and shared enthusiastically on A'gon ever stopped by to hear my system.

No listening allowed, 'till a triple layer is donned to avoid carpet and ceiling stains. :-)

Might want to keep a pillow handy, so when they pass out and keel over from shock they don’t hit their head on the floor. As part of being a good host I mean, not that there’s anything in there worth saving.
Of course one could listen to a system and drop dead in awe but to attribute that solely to the tweaks would still require a huge leap of faith. 

Other systems with out similar tweaks could still even deliver a more fatal blow possibly even for less. 

One should avoid jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions.

I wonder if there are any components like an amplifier or speakers in these awesome systems or is it just paste and mats ?
mapman ...

  • Of course one could listen to a system and drop dead in awe but to attribute that solely to the tweaks would still require a huge leap of faith
If you heard my system, you’d think that you had walked into an old-time Billy Graham revival tent. You’d be a convert in no time at all.

 Repent, anti-tweakers ... Repent! *lol*

For the record of course as OP well knows, I am not an “anti tweaker”. I’ve done quite a few of my own. Some work really well some not so much and everything in-between. I treat each case individually based on the specific merits and of course anything that helps tie a specific result to a specific part of the system.

Life is basically just a bunch of tweaks. 

But in any case the fact stands that it’s the whole system that produces the end result. There can be things in there that do nothing different or special which just means the system sounds as good or bad as it would have otherwise.

It can’t help anyone’s case to claim otherwise and attribute the end result solely to whichever part happens to strike one’s fancy for whatever reason at any particular time.
"If you heard my system, you’d think that you had walked into an old-time Billy Graham revival tent."
In that case, can we just listen to the boombox in the park?
mapman ...

Agreed. It is necessary to start with a good baseline. In my case, an ARC Reference amp, an ARC Reference preamp, and an ARC PH-8 phono stage.

Once nirvana has been attained through tweaking, only then can one really appreciate the genius that went into the design of the equipment, no matter the brand being used.

Without all of the tweaks added to the system, including, but not limited to, the PPT products, I thought it was a good system ... and it should have been based on the dollars spent.

After all of the various tweaks were installed and applied ... well, as you know, everything is an accumulation in an audio system. When it all comes together correctly, the realism is astounding.