Perpetual Technologies P3A DAC

Hello everyone,
I have read quite a bit about the P3A and am currently looking at a DAC that can process 24 bit. I know the "best" way to go is a modified unit (Stan Warren, etc.) and the upgraded power supply. My only concern is that there are no dealers for this product - i.e., I have to "trust" that I'll like it. I've contacted PT on this and they touted their 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied. From what I've read however, this unit has a long "break-in" period and I don't think I'd be able to clock the 300 plus hours in that time frame. I currently have a AA DTI-PRO32 but my current DAC is an older 20 bit model (Parasound DAC1000). My question(s) are this: Would the P3A (standard - no mods) be a noticeable improvement? And has anyone paired this with a DTI-PRO32 instead of the P1A? Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. I'm the kind of person that likes to listen before I buy (as I'm sure most are) and I am a little hesitant to go on faith. Are there any other recommendations for a good DAC w/ 24 bit (besides the MSB DAC Link III) that is in a similar price range? Thanks!!!
First of all, just keeping them powered on (there is no power switch, though) will help burn-in. So, you can expect the effect in a few weeks before 30 days.
And, the difference (improvement or not) should be instantly noticeable.
I believe (not experienced) that P3A would work well with your D/D, but P1A has future upgrade and that's what I expect so much.
Other choice would be Bel Canto and Birdland in a similar price range. Good luck
I completely agree with khokugo. I purchased both the P1A & P3A. They are incredible, and mine have no mods. The customer service is first rate, and I even received a phone call from Mark Schiffler asking what I thought of them. Now, how often does the president of any company that sold you something do that? If you really want the full glory of this set up, sell the AA piece here on the GON and purchase both pieces. You'll be very glad you did. Remember, upsampling is just one of the things this set-up can do.
Good luck!
Treyhoss, I was making similar decisions about a new dac as well and definitely considered the Perpetual Technology products as well as MSB. Due to considerations revolving about rack size, the MSB was less than ideal. The need for 2 additional cables and the separate power supply to get the best from the PT stuff made me look at the new Assemblage 2.7 dac. It's 24/96 and HDCD. I tried both the Signature ($948) and the Platinum ($1298) versions, settling on the Platinum. Both are superb units in my system but I liked the smoothness of the Platinum version better. An upsampler is also available. They offer a 30 day trial as well. Ain't it wonderful to have a multitude of choices for inexpensive excellence in the digital realm!
Hey Treyhoss. No, I'm not from big "D". I was considering the Assemblage myself. Something to take into consideration about the Assemblage set up is the cost of the upsampler and cables you'll need to link them.I think that puts them ahead in cost vs. the PT set up. Do yourself a favor and read the Stereophile review of the PT rig. They compare it to the MSB set-up and make no bones about the superiority of the PT rig. Take my word, there is no better way to go when you look at the expandibility of the PT rig vs. any thing else that's out there. Hell, even the full blown Meridian set-up isn't as flexible, and we're talking tens of thousands of dollars for that system. My God, it must sound like I work for this company. I don't though. If you'd like to discuss this in greater detail, E-mail me.
I also mean no offense to the owners of any of the other fine products that were mentioned. They are excellent, and I have had the opportunity to hear them.
Thanks Photon and Platmatt. I had always been a fan of Audio Alchemy and that's probably why I am mentally leaning toward the Perpetual Technologies equipment. My problem was just the lack of a unit to audition! If I get the chance to audition the Assemblage, I will do that. It's always a good idea to compare similarly priced equipment! Thanks again!!
Hi Treyhoss,
No, I am not from TX either. But, again, you can just try it for 30days, OR you may want to ask Mark Schifter himself or Jon Lane to rent you the "burnt-in" unit (there must be some as a few people have actually returned after trial).
Anyway, you will have nothing to lose. Let us know the outcome.