Perpetual vs EVS millenium II for CAL

I own a CAL CL-10. Has anyone compared the new millenium II with the P-3? Would it be better to just upgrade the CL-10? I have a Mesa Baron tube amp and Transcendent GG pre. Good sound but I have been told that the new DAC's could give me a substantial improvement ie- more detail, deeper soundstage. I've also heard that a transport and DAC loses 10 % of the signal and that it's better to mod the actual CDP. Also- how about the Wright mods to the Perpetual compared to the Millenium II?-- I know- alot of questions- Thanks in advance for your opinions
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You can order a millenium. I doubt you will EVER get it. I've been waiting for my notification forever from Ric.
Please, when you make a recommendation state which one you preferred.

"I have personally compared the EVS Millenium II to
the Perpetual DAC and quite honestly there is no
comparison. The inner detailing and lack of grain
is amazing. Go for it! . "
Kj1000 05-22-01

Go for what??????????
The Perpetual Technologies P-3, with the $300 modifications to the analog section by Dan Wright of Modwright is quite an improvement over the stock P-3 and is endorsed by Perpetual Tech (does not void warranty). Already modified units can be bought directly from ModWright for $1095. I haven't compared it with the EVS Millennium, but I'm quite happy with my modified P-3.
I'm sure Dan Wright's modified P-3 sounds great. I own a Millenium II and I love it (but I didn't compare it to any other stand-alone DACs). Parts-wise, the Millenium should easily win out over the Perpetual and that should mean that it will sound more natural and pure (on paper, anyway). Depending on the upgrade and cost, upgrading your CDP may be a good option. One box should be better... technically...but the standalone DAC gives you the option of using it on different players, transports, DVD, etc. That can be handy. I honestly can't imagine a one box player in the price range of the EVS dac (plus CDP or DVD transport) that will sound better.
Don't overlook the Assemblage 2.7 line in your search. In its upgraded versions, it's a formidable DAC at that price point. I've never heard the 10% loss theory before. With today's low jitter transports and DAC receiver sections, I find that a surprising proposition.
I too have been listening to the Millennium II. The system that i put it into was stone cold and had not been used in a week or two, so EVERYTHING is warming up. So far, it does sound pretty good for coming right out of the box.

As a side note, Ric Schultz ( builder of the Millennium ) specifically states that a Sony with SACD capability (can't remember the model ) that runs about $1100 coupled with his mods ( about $3 - 400 ) is pretty much untouchable for the money. This gives you a one box player for appr $1500 that should be pretty awesome. Sean
This would be the 9000 es,i have been on a list waiting to get mine modded for a couple months now.