phase linear amplifiers

back in the early 70's I bought a phase linear 400 amp. never will buy phase linear again. in 2000. it fried 3 of my speakers. later on I read they they were known to do this. they were  cheap money for the big watts but were not well designed well to work under stress. I have McIntosh now. no worrys!
I would even take a mac again instead of anything from carver as well.

Good to have this information.

g_nakamoto, you should re-read your post. You had the amp for nearly 30 years before it broke down. 25-plus years of service is commendable for any amplifier.

I’d say it was pretty well designed to last that long. After 20 years you should have had it serviced, it probably would’ve lasted another 20 years.

It seems that you’ve read a few negative posts about Phase Linear and decided to pile on. Your post has no merit.
mitch4t is exactly right. You make the same post with slightly different wording twice on the same day. You should have had it serviced. Anyway, what is your point in posting it twice?

you guys are right. i did post twice because i'm not to good with a computer. i did use mine from 1973 till 1989. then had it in storage till 2000. i would say there have been many amps since 1970. some are inexpensive some are not. i only bought the 400 because of the price. after reading many reviews some say it was'nt well designed. that may be true or not but i have 9k mcintosh amp now.

I guess we all know now that you hate Phase linear.  I think I've read this phase 400 slam on three threads now.

I'm sure the next step here is to slam Bob Carver? I didn't think so.  The man has more patents than any amp designer that comes to mind, save Nelson Pass.

It  sounds like your amp gave you good service. Really anything no matter how well built can fail from time to time.. Everything has an expiration date, that's why routine service is recommended.

enjoy your Mac amp.  Good gear, but it too will need service at one point or another.


Wait a second.  You had the amp since 1973 and never bothered to service them for 27 years (eg, at minimum recapping). Now your complaining the amp failed?  The fault is on you and not the amplifier. Why would you post something that happened to you in 17 years ago? And why would you compare an affordable no longer in production SS amp to a pricey macintosh?  I don't get the point of your post.
i've had it for that long and maybe you're right about having it serviced. but i've never had any issues with it until it fried my speakers with "dc" current" and there was no warning.
but i've never had any issues with it until it fried my speakers with "dc" current" and there was no warning

Servicing the amp wouldn't have helped protect your speakers from the DC that blew them ... all the Phase Linear 400 .. D500 and 700 series amps are direct coupled with no coupling capacitors at the output to block the DC from reaching your speakers

One of your upstream components leaked some DC out of their outputs  and the amp simply accepted it .. amplified it ..  and sent it to the speakers which couldn't handle the DC

All these amps also have 8A fused speaker outputs in the event of an internal short

Wasn't the amps fault .. it was only functioning as designed .. it was something upstream

Had the Ol 700B  and drove it pretty good, used to build up a lot of heat.
Nice amp..My first power amp, Later on got another 700 series 2 with tha leds  Still nice   They clip at 625 a channel
dont wait another 30 yrs to have the McIntosh serviced.....or will hear how bad McIntosh amps are......