Phono Amp to replace Pass Aleph Ono

Hi there

I am thinking to replace my Aleph Ono to match my Dodd pre-amp.
I was thinking either Red Wine Audio phono amp or a Dodd pre-amp. Both are getting good reviews, would match visually. The set will be part of a system which has a Kuzma Stabi S and Stogi S with an Ortofin Kontrapunkt cartridge and Quicksilver Silver 70 monoblocks and WLM Diva monitors, McIntosh MR-71 and Sony 777ES SACD.
FWIW I recently sold my Aleph Ono and bought an XP15. Clearly cut from the same cloth but the XP15 is quieter and I think overall a nicer phono preamp.
LP12/LIngo/Ekos/Arkiv B

A friend is using the XP 15 with an Oracle table, SME IV arm, and a Benz cartridge. He likes his xp15 too
Check out Quicksilver's new one. I have the older version and I think it is outstanding.
I think Pass makes great phono amps, the XP15 and XP25. Are some of the best I have ever heard. But the RCM THERIAA and the van den Hul the Grail (SB) might also be worth considering.
I replaced my ONO with the Ayre P-5xe.
It is excellent if you go to the trouble to get a balanced phono cable and run it in a fully balanced system.
where are you guys located. I am building another DHT phono that I can send out to you to hear. Send me a message