Phono preamp, all suggestions welcome

I currently have a well updated Linn TT with a Ortofon 2M Black which should be updated soon. This yr. I acquired a Belles Virtuoso Preamp. I need a phono preamp which is lacking in the preamp. Some of my preliminary choices for cart are Hanna SL or SH, Dynavector 10x5 or 20x2. Ortofon Quintet Im trying to stay close or lower than $1000. However, my question is which phono stage best matches my TT. Choices are Schiit Mani, Moon LV 110 V2, Pro ject tube box S2 and the Clear audio Nano. All are around $500 which is my budget. I'm inclined toward the Project because its tubed and will bring that warm sound to my system. The rest of my system is Belles Virtuoso 200wpc amp and Vandys 2CE sig. Can anyone comment on any of these phono stages or suggest others.

I can highly recommend Audio Research PH3, a tube phono preamp which I once owned. There is one currently available for $825 which is a bargain compared to what I paid. It uses 3 tubes from 6DJ8/6922/7308 dual-triodes tubes. There is a lot of NOS tubes options for this family and tube rolling can become addictive! Yes it is bit more expensive that your allocated budget, but you will be well rewarded for your extra $.


I can definitely recommend the iFi phono3 in your price range. I bought one after reading the reviews and it is incredibly quiet, dynamic, and has really good sound staging at this price. I also see that Music Direct has an open box now at $699.