Phono preamp comparison

Has anyone had an opportunity to compare the musical surroundings Nova iii phono preamp with the Parasound jc3 jr. I retired and find myself with too much time on my hands and am thinking of trying a solid-state phono preamp. I have had an Eastern electric minimax for 13 years. It has worked and continues to work flawlessly. I thought I would try a preamp that is capable of adjustment.
I have a Michelle Gyro, SME series IV, shelter 901 cartridge, Primaluna dialogue premium integrated and silverline audio Sonata III speakers. Your input would be appreciated.
What about a SUT through your MM stage? Most likely lower cost/better sound than the previous suggestion? It may have been the previous poster didn't have the time. A SUT, with the correct windings will give you the best of both worlds? It will give you the best of your current system without purchasing a brand new unit, (you have no history with) and give you a path forward within your current system.
Stringreen, I have been looking for one.  I have an Ayre cx7e for about 15 years.  Love it.
PS Audio have a new phono amp which could be worth a look. You can remote switch between MM/MC.