Pink Floyd Final Cut remaster....

Anybody have the current remaster with bonus track? Sound feedback?
yes what's the sound quality versus the original version? The bonus track version is hdcd also any thoughts about this?
Not surprisingly I have it.

A marginal step up on sound quality from the '94 release.

The type of difference is similar to the Yes remasters,slight.
I would agree...I have the deluxe addition that came out in the late 90s(24 bit)...and just compared it to the latest version...the real selling point is the bonus any rate...the high points from the recording for me are the saxophone solos on "Gunners dream" and "2 suns in the sunset"...breathtaking! A difficult album in many respects(ie. very depressing)...but one that has aged suprisingly well over time....
Been spending some time with the latest remaster of the Final Cut. 2011.

Very dynamic. Always meaningful.