Pioneer Elite vs. Pioneer "Standard" Kuro Plasmas

My primary question is weather or not the "Elite" models are worth the extra dough ? Does anyone know if they can both be ISF calibrated ?

Thank you
As a Californian I saved almost 2K on a 151FD, great pricing, no tax, and free shipping from here.

No buyers remorse here.
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there are certain things in life....that are truly love at first site! this is one of them. I've had my Elite [50"] going on three years now. It's A daily performer that has had zero operating issues to date & IMO I've still not seen anything that can touch it in the way of performance, and value (within it's price range) Additionally should you match this up with a serious Blu-Ray like Elite's BDP 09FD, it's game over! 1080P. So If you can step up to the Elite it's a no brainer. Go for it, and Yes ISF on the Elite
I have the Elite 60" Kuros 150FD and it blows away everything I have seen.

Ad a major step up over Pioneer.
I have a 5080 Kuro (non elite) and just ordered a 151FD last week. My ISF guy told me that if I could swing for the elite to get it over the non-elite. This was not as much the case when I bought the 5080