Pioneer PC-1000 MK2

Any opinions on this cartridge? I've got a great condition one on the way from a friend of my old audiophile uncle. He was cleaning house and said that was the one I should take. Who was I to say no?


That is a very nifty cartridge with beryllium pipe cantilever. It has an older profile elliptical stylus but it still has a very wide bandwidth. I never got to hear one but if the stylus is in good shape not a bad add to the collection. rauliruegas might know more about it.

I was unaware of the elliptical stylus. Thanks for that. I love my other cartridges with that profile.

Member Chakster would know but he seems to have disappeared from the forums. I know he lives in Russia.  I hope Putin hasn’t sent him to the Russian Front🙁

Dear @dhcod  : Yes, stylus tip elliptical 0.2x0.7 the best elliptical shape even today. Was a cartridge ready to CD-4 so a very wide frequency up to 60khz. High compliance and very good tracker. VTF 1.2grs, output 2.5mv. Yes, stay with. The best  Pioneer non-MC cartridge.


You are a lucky " boy ".


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


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Btw, runss better loaded at 100k instead 47k. As a fact, that was the Pioneer advise about.