Placing B&W 805S bookshelf speakers (stands? risers?)

I have what I think should be a very basic question about placing my B&W 805S speakers: I plan to place them on a console, but if they sit directly on the console, they will be about 4-5 inches too low (given the configuration of the room and seating). Are there speaker stands available that are that short? Or bases/risers? Alternatively, any suggestions for making something like that by hand (ideal materials, etc.)?

Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.
You can get custom made maple blocks for your B&W's. 

Depending on your budget, check out Timbernation or Core Audio Designs.  
Auralex "Speakerdudes or MoPads".I spent years living with bookshelf style speakers sitting on dressers & found them to be excellent at eliminating the interface between speaker & cab.& the up/down to +-8 degree tilt will aim the speakers perfectly.