Please be gentle with me! 🙏

I am a vinyl diehard and know very little of the streaming world.

My son has just bought his 1st amp and speakers a Leak 230 integrated and some JBL 4312G speakers and is currently streaming his music using an Android phone via the USB C on his phone into the USB B input on the amp, using the built in DAC on the amp. So the question is would something like a Bluesound Node N130 as a straight streamer be an audible improvement to his phone?


Yes definitely, the N130 is what I started with. It will stream just about everything and the app is pretty good too.  Whenever he upgrades his equipment, he can upgrade his streamer as well. 

Oh and after more than two years, I’m still happily using it.

All the best.

I also have been using my Bluesound for a few years. 
I run it through my Accuphase E-4000. 
I do not have the DAC in the 4000

I might buy one but not sure if it will be that big of an upgrade. 

BTW Keep playing your vinyl it’s ok to get up every 25 minutes or so. 

The Bluesound Node is a great product for the money. Probably for many all they need even running the internal DAC. Doesn’t take much to find a better DAC later and just use the Node for streaming only. If you never compare another DAC to the DAC in the Node you’ll be happy as it does nothing bad or wrong but has its limitations. 

@alan60  depending on your son’s age and/or technical inclinations, many folks use a DIY dedicated device starting with a single board computer (similar or same as those in all off-the-shelf $treamers). There are free operating systems for such a project available online. The reason I bring this up is it’s a great way to kickstart a youngster into a learning x DIY aspect of stereo hobby as opposed to just introducing a new purchase habit, device-wise. 

If he’s too young or the household prefers ready-made, obviously this suggestion can be disregarded 😉

  Lots a accolades for the BS unit.  But I agree with @mahler123 the improvement potential is a crapshoot.