Please check out Radio Paradise FLAC Streaming Options

Please check out Radio Paradise. They offer free Internet FLAC streaming with 4 different track options. I like the mellow track and sometimes the main mix. It is nonstop music with no ads. The RP announcer comes on sometimes to say this is Radio Paradise.

As per their web site, "Their specialty is taking a diverse assortment of songs — modern and classic rock, world music, electronica, even a bit of classical and jazz — and making them flow together in a way that makes sense harmonically, rhythmically, and lyrically. They are the only DJ-mixed station that lets you skip songs you do not like. We also have alternate mixes — Mellow, Rock, and World/Etc. — if our Main Mix does not suit you". This means they have 4 FLAC streaming music site listening options:

This means Radio paradise has many listening options for a wide variety of devices. Please see their web site for a description of listening options and hardware devices (many are listed). On my Aurender Conductor App, I go to the Internet option and click on the track I want (4 options are listed). I have listed to Radio Paradise on and off AND recently discovered their FLAC Streaming options.

Main Mix.



World/ etc.

Radio Paradise has "free smartphone apps for on-the-go listening, including full compatibility with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Their cache feature allows for hours — or even days — of offline listening. And you can enjoy audio quality that is dramatically better than what you get with satellite radio (both of our apps feature lossless full-fidelity sound)”.

I recommend you check out Radio Paradise. I like it very much.

Radio Pardise Home Web Site

Radio Paradise Listening Options



Roon just released an update and it shows what's playing, at least on my Android tablet. RP is fantastic!

Just found out about this Paradise radio!

- streaming radio at 967kb/s VBR Flac? Wow! 

-no commercials? double Wow!

- I can skip songs too? sweet! 

only listened to a dozen songs so far on Rock mix station; hopefully the choice is to my liking going forward. Sure beats listening to 128kb/s stations.