Radio Paradise becoming repetitive?

Having whined about Qobuz dropping material I guess it's time to start on Radio Paradise.  To be clear, I love Radio Paradise and I contribute.   My partner agrees. It's playing most of the time all over our houses (BlueOS).  We listen to everything but the rock channel.

But that said, I just don't think I can stand any more Joni Mitchell, Neal Young or Paul Simon.  There's just so much stuff out there, but these three seem to occupy about 20% of their lists.  Yeah, yeah, please spare me the "Well, then listen to something else" stuff.  Unless, of course, that's followed by a proposal of what that might be.  Any good alternatives that are more varied?  Honestly, i feel churlish whining directly the RP.  Thanks and Cheers,


There has been a fair number of changes at RP recently.  You can read Bill's blog post on the RP site to get the details.   Maybe a little neglect on some channels has surfaced. I listen to the main feed and have not noticed significant repetition.  You might try Mother Earth Radio for a change up, streams and higher resolution, out of Germany.    I use it via ROON and its a nice change up from RP.  Go check out their whats playing and see if its to your like.  Hard to find anything as eclectic as RP.  Love the way in ROON when a track plays you can click on the metadata link and go into Qobuz and play more of that artist or just fav the track and never upset the RP stream, killer.  

I'm an RP listener & I pony up monthly also. RP streams in MQA & CD quality for free, pretty amazing. I mostly play the world channel, lotsa African which I dig. 

I happened to listen to Radio Paradise Eclectic mix very frequently. They repeat sets.

There are thousands of internet channels. Qobuz has over half a million high Rez albums… and well over a million albums… more music than you can listen to in your lifetime… but that is something to complain about?

Personally I rejoice at the incredible diversity and depth of music offered for almost free. I guess it is glass virtually full versus a glass missing a couple drops.

I listen frequently and am a contributor. Yes, the playlist is a bit repetitive, especially noticeable to me on the Mellow Mix. William has commented that change is coming, so I will give them some time as they work through some big transitions. 

Thanks for the Mother Earth Radio suggestion, any other hi-res, no commercial suggestions?

Yes, exactly!!  Still, Despite my whining, I'll certainly continue listening to RP.  It's exciting that they have changes in store for us.  Will try some other stuff.  As much as I dislike Amazon, I've enjoyed their Neon Chill station (kind of Nu-bar lounge/chill/trip-hop lite).

SOMA.  only plays at 320kbp but if you got a upsampling DAC it still sound purdy good especially for Wall Paper listening. 




Interesting thread. I am also a contributor and wondered about the repeats. Will continue to contribute and listen but certainly will try out Mother Earth. 

Another vote for SomaFM...  Long time listener...  With a nice kit 320kbp can sound pretty good...

Appreciated information about SomaFM and Mother Earth Radio.  Always looking for new sources.  Since RP changed a lot of things (Bill's Blog), especially the music selections in our case, we have drifted away.  Excellent source but our enjoyment level suffered.  We did reach out to RP.  Still recommend it for people to try. 

I could never listen long enough to notice repetition.

Not my thing. Naim stations (3) for flac or currently I'm grooving to Finger Lakes HD.

I, too, am getting bored with RP, and I’m a paying member.  For a change, check out JB Radio 2.  Another is FIP Electro.  Another is WFMU.  All very good.