Please tell me there is a better solution for travel

Than this klugey lightning connector to USB set up?? With the Cobalt DAC the whole set up is beyond cumbersome... The Campfires and Cobalt are a great combo but this connector situ is unacceptable 


I travelled internationally with CD players, separate headphone amps (4 sized D cells), silver interconnects… separate DACs, headphones, earphones… of many generations… etc.


Finally I figured out two things: airplanes and most places you go are really noisy and audiophile doesn’t work in that environment. I finally moved to a set of Bose Comfort 85 (?)… with noise cancellation… I wear the headphones almost all the time with noise cancellation and music from my iPhone lots of the time. Life is so much better. I traveled more than 250,000 miles per year.


When home I listen in quiet environments… you can see my systems under my UserID… then you worry about high end sound.

Thanks for the reply... I have 4m miles myself... understand the environment and agree... however is there a better solution than the lightning to USB to DAC configuration? 


The Campfires and Cobalt are a great combo but this connector situ is unacceptable 

What about that setup is unacceptable?

The lightning connector to USB is very cumbersome from pockets to airplane trays... I use it at work as well and even at the desk it is annoying... I was hoping someone knew of a better solution for connectivity from Campfire to DAC to IPhonw.

Thanks... I have them... and they do work well... I was just hoping for a better solution to the lightning/USB situ 

LavriCable used to make a lightning to Dragonfly adapter that’s a little smaller and more flexible than the Apple Camera adapter, and it sounds a lot better too — more transparent with better 3D imaging and larger soundstage.  Mine was about $115 and maybe they’d still make you one if you ask as they do seem open to doing custom cables.