Polk Cobra finally pays off

As most of us have done, I have tried many different speaker cables. Some of the ones I remember are Red Dawn, they were great because they were flat and I could run them under the carpet. Coincident, they sounded better the Red Dawn, but I had to drill into the flooring and the joists. I ended up with 53' lengths of Polk Audio Cobra's, which sounded even better than any of them as attested to by Arthur Salvatore. I was supposed to cut them down to shorter length but that project never made it to the short list.

In the mean time I bought a pair of Von Schweikert 5 HSE's. Amazing sound. So of course I invested in the Verbatim cables for them. Then we got the puppy so I did not dare use them in case the puppy got the new ribbons. Just about the time I was going to run them under the carpet the baby came. Not the puppy is older but we now have bamboo floors so the Verbatim's are in a box under my desk. I'm toying with the idea of getting them cryoed since they are off line.

My speakers stand in the opening of a solarium and the rack is off to one side. Speaker cables have always been a challenge. So instead of having to drill into the wall and down under the floor I decided to put the 53' of Polk Cobra's to good use. I ran them up and over the solarium opening. It worked perfectly with a foot to spare! Made my day!
Yep, I used these cables for over 20 years with tube amps. Nothing better IMO. Their high capacitance seems to make a very direct connection. AS is on target.
I ended up making triple runs out of them and they got even better. Too bad they are basically "unobtainium" at this point.