Polk Legend L800 at RMAF?

Just wondering if anyone had a chance to listen to the soon to be released Polk L800 at RMAF and could share their thoughts. One thing I found strange (looking at show photos) was the school bus method of seating (in a row). If the speakers are intended to offer wide (disperse) sweet spot, why have attendees sit in a line...in a narrow sweet spot?
 I heard them yesterday at an opening event for the new line. I think the school bus seating is so you can here from the center the sound extending across the whole listening area. However they had crappy electronics hooked up which surprised me and the speakers did not seem very coherent, not much control over the woofers and overall a congested sound.
 When I commented to the Polk rep why they chose to use an a/v receiver his comment was “this receiver is 140w a channel and that can handle anything”. Yes but there are good watts and bad. Sad because the store had Luxman integrated units and a Naim set-up in the same room. Now that may have given the big Polks better sound.
 However in another room they had the new bookshelf speakers powered by the same receiver and I was more impressed with those monitors than the big L800 speakers
Thanks for your thoughts trknomo.
I can't believe they chose an AV receiver for the demo you attended. I'm beginning to wonder if they really see their TOTL speaker as a home theater offering with 2-channel as a secondary consideration.

They're not extremely efficient (although I'm not bothered by the specs), so it's surprising they wouldn't choose the other power options sitting nearby...or even separates.

I haven't considered Polk for my home use...until now. For some reason, I'm curious about this pair, but it seems the field reps are dropping the ball during demos.
Given the negatives you mention, did you happen to try and sit outside of the sweet spot?
@yakbob Yes  actually did step out of the center of the speakers sweet spot and they sounded good off axis. I stood up, squatted down and the sound was pretty consistent. The rep said they should be on select dealers showroom floors Nov 1st. So a better private audition with better sources will be interesting to hear. 
Thanks for the additional information,  I plan to set up a demo with my closest dealer the next state over for early November. Cheers!
I Have a pair of these black new in the box if u guys know anyone interested , I am located in Pennsylvania .
I didn’t see them listed in the speaker category, are they listed in another category?
Where is PA are you? I'm in New Jersey, on my way to a dealer to audition these.  I sent you a PM.  So if you still have them, give me a call.  
Regarding the use of AV receiver, just because a company comes up with a novel technological idea does not mean they know how, or care, to set up a HiFi. Mid-Fi is about as far as it gets for some companies. My guess is they don’t care terribly much about the Audiophile market, or else they would make a better effort. They likely are going for mass appeal with tech bling, selling the whiz-bang. It’s worked thousands of times before with other companies, tried and true method...

I’m not condemning the speaker, as I have not heard it. I would say the same of any company that felt an AV receiver was sufficient for a Hifi show. There is an exception; occasionally a lower end piece will be used despite the handicap to the system, in an obtuse effort to show how good the product is. But, that’s a lot different than a dull viewpoint of what constitutes satisfactory sound for the audiophile. :)

As a reviewer I would have some serious reservations with a design that required noise cancellation from the opposite speaker! What am I referring to? The website states, "Each Legend L800 model (LC and RC) comes with one 12’ interconnect cable. This cable is used to connect the two speakers to each other, so that both SDA transducers can cancel out unwanted signals from the opposite speaker. " So, basically, each speaker directs toward the other’s wavelaunch, thus making a MESS. In order to get it to sound right, imo, they needed to use noise cancelling technology to clean it up. Not a very auspicious introduction, imo.

I remember hearing the big B&O Speaker that had drivers all over and was supposed to create a wonderful sonic field. I did not find that impressive, so I suspect that this Polk speaker splaying the signal all over might not be so impressive to me.

Based on that I would approach this speaker with a healthy dose of skepticism, I think well warranted. But, as I have not heard them, I reserve judgment until such time as I demo them. I have been surprised before, and likely will be again in the future. If I were to use them, could I be proven wrong? Sure. Could I end up being mightily impressed? Maybe. With a new technology unheard one is guessing at the result until heard. :)

Am I hating on Polk? No, just using my powers of observation to assess from afar. I hasten to add that my assessment could be far off. I was told by some very knowledgeable, well-known authorities in the industry that my Schroeder Method of IC Placement was problematic, etc. Shows how wrong authorities can be when they pronounce something they haven't used. So, I try not to be dogmatic on products unheard.   :)