Polk LSi7 vs Monitor Audio Bronze BR2

I'm looking for a 2-way system to put in a bookshelf for secondary music listening (kitchen/dining room).

Lots of constraints: must be in the bookshelf and no deeper than 11", and no higher than 14.25". No room for maneuver so must be front-ported, I think. No sub. Power is either second zone of a Sony ES 120 amp/channel receiver (supposedly OK for 4 ohm speakers) or an NAD315bee.

So, I've narrowed it down to a few that fit those requirements (the LSi7 is has rear ports, but it has a plate on the back that directs the port air to the sides, I guess to faciliate wall-mounting. The Wharfedale 8.2 is a hair too tall. B&W 601s2 would be good, but it is more money and also reportedly goes down substantlly less deep than either of the above).

I can get the above two for roughly the same price. I can't listen to either. I need to pull the trigger in the next couple of days.

What do you think?
I haven't heard the Wharfdales but between the LSi7s and B&W 601s, I'd have a strong preference for the Polks. To my ears, the midrange and highs are much more natural with the polks.

You might also think about something in the Totem line. The Model 1s are nice and there are many good reviews here and elsewhere to give you a sense for their sound. Although the Model 1s are small they project a huge soundstage. They're also more expensive--but what you gain is more flexibility in the long run if, for example, you end up moving your speakers to another room.

good luck.

Thanks for the advice. In another setup I have Totem Arros which I love. But I have the impression that those Totem model 1s do not want to right up against the wall