Polk Speakers: Good Wood?

I'm thinking of getting my folks a little system for Xmas, and given my mom's resistance to anything "techy," I was thinking some nice wood-grained speakers would be the ticket. I know Polk makes several models available in real cherry veneer (or so they say), but the stores around me only carry the black versions. If anyone out there has bought the cherry versions of Polk speakers, I'd be interested in your assessment of the quality of the wood and the construction, and how well they've held up over time. Thanks.
I've only seen them at shows but they look superb, especially for the money.
Have never heard them, but it sounds like Castle Speakers put a great deal of emphasis on their cabinetry (hand finished in the UK). Audio Advisor is selling some at 50% off ($450 for the Durham 3's - a smallish bookshelf; $585 for mid-sized Warwick 3) that seem well reviewed. Perhaps you'd like to solicit some opinions on them.

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