Poly Crystal Cable Towers (do they work)

In an effort to reduce speaker cable reaction with synthetic carpet material; what is the best way to elevate the cables? Any DIY methods or on the market products; are they effective & what improvement can be gained? Your advice will be appreciated.--- Geno
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I doubt the soap holders are ELECTRICAL GRADE PORCELAIN which is what the Polycrystal, Audionut Cable Elevators, RightWay cable Towers and the items you see on top of telephone poles are made of.
I'm no expert, but come on guys. Is Electrical grade porcelain really needed for the amount of electricity we're talking about??? I use clear plastic coctail cups turned upside-down with a little channel cut into them. Works fine. Total cost: $2 and 20 minutes. They're virtually invisible. I own some expensive cables and components, 1 aftermarket power cord, and some other tweeks, but this IS where you draw the line. If you want to spend $80 on the cool looking (admittedly) Audionut type cable towers, do it, by all means, But you will hear no greater difference than if you were using my plastic cups, or using Nylon line to suspend them from the cieling. Buy some music instead.
Can the Poly Crystal Cable Towers double as bathroom soap holders? Maybe they will make the soup feel smoother.(sorry)
Excellent points Gthirteen. At one company I used to work at a guy decided that only pharmaceutical(as opposed to laboratory) grade ethylcellulose could be used in a project he was working on. It cost more than 3 times as much. Do you know what pharmaceutical grade turned out to mean? You could eat it...