Possible speaker short?

I am moving into some full range speakers.I would like to sell my older Castle bookshelves however i think there may be a short in them.When i connect them my amp runs hot.I tried measuring them with a voltmeter.Both the low frequency and high frequency posts give me a reading when the brass jumpers are installed, however when they are removed i only get a reading from the low frequency binding posts.Should i be getting a reading off of both?
The chances of both speakers shorting out are almost none (can you hear highs?). Could very well be an issue with the amplifier. The low frequency circuit most likely is only an inductor (wire) in series with the driver, giving you that continuous reading. The high side has a capacitor in series with the driver so you may not pick up the much lower voltage.
Did you mean you connected your ohm meter? If so you should read 4-8 ohms through each driver.
Impedance is different than DC resistance. Impedance is an AC resistance - Not DC. Ohm meters measure dc resistance. A 4 or 8 ohm speaker/driver will read almost zero (because its a coil) if there are no other components in the path. Dont forget the crossover. A coil typically close to 0 dc resistance but a capacitor should eventually read open (after the cap charges).

What I'm saying is an ohm meter will not give you much to work on when measuring at the posts. Individual components have to really be measured OUTSIDE the circuit to be somewhat accurate.

I agree with Gs5556. A shorted speaker should shut down the amp or blow a fuse. On the other hand an internal crossover resistor or capacitor may (but not likely) could cause an excessive current draw resulting in your amp getting too hot.

Do you have the floorstanders yet? If so do they 'make' the amp run too hot too?

Have you ever measured a speaker with an ohm meter? After reading your post I got up and measured two different speakers; Kestrel Hotrods (without jumpers) measured 6 ohms across woofer and several k ohms across the tweeter and Silverline SR-11s (jumpers in place) measured 8 ohms.
The meter used was an analog meter. Maybe tomorrow I'll try a digital meter but I have measured coils when troubleshooting and they measure some resistance.
Thanks for the responses guys.I borrowed some speakers from a friend of mine and the same thing happened.He brought two different sets over.I guess it's a problem in the amp.It's going to have to go off for repair after the weekend.