Power Amp for Hyperion 938

I am running in a pair of new Hyperion 938 in a 12ft x 21ft room. Any recommendations? Budget is around $2000-$5000; prefer to spend less if possible. Used is also ok. Prefer tube amps(KT-88, 845, 300).

My setup
Marantz SA-14 ver2 (modified)
Supratek Chardonnay preamp
Hyperion 938
Audience AU24 IC and speaker cables + jumper

Vocals, Jazz, Classical, Chamber, no rock.

Any input is much appreciated. Thanks.
Hyperion tube amps not available locally for auditioning.
I am considering Antique Sound Lab 1009, new Supratek Malbec (but price not released). Anyone has good experience (sound, reliability) with Chinese made amps such as Opera?
Channel Islands D100 or D200s. I know these aren't tubed but, you should give them a try on those Hyperions. You wont regret it!
I have the 938's and am powering with Rowland Model 6's. I'm very happy. I tried the Hyperion ss small monos. Not enough power....I think you have many options with the 938's....
You should try the CI or the Nuforce amps, they both works great with the 938.
You should also change your speaker cable imho, the Au24 as interconnects are ok (the highs are just a bit rolled off) but the speaker cable does not match the 938 in the bass at all (i owned both the 938 and the Au24).
Curious if anyone has been able to compare the CI, NuForce 9CE's, Rowland 201's and the BelCantos with the 938s?
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Hello there. I bought a pair of 938s a month ago and am running them with Consonance Cyber 845 monoblocks. 28 watts, SET. I have to say the sound is completely heavenly; it is butterly-smooth and extended, holographic, highs are shimmering, and bass is tight and natural. I experimented with bi-amping with a 240W Gallo solid-state amp on the woofers, but ultimately preferred it with the 845s full-range.

Even a puny 8W Dared SET amp drove the speakers with no strain or compression to good 85dB levels in a totally open space.

They are extremely SET-friendly, and designed for SET, but that said they do sound good with just about anything.

The 30W Red Wine Sig 30 is also a good match - actually extremely close in sound to the 845s - plenty of power. And quite cheap. No premap needed and no linestage of any kind needed if you're a one-source guy since this amp has a built-in stepped attenuator.
Thanks all for the response. Because I have the Supratek Chardonnay preamp, I think I will try out the new Supratek Malbec 50W amp using KT-88. I hope these are heavenly combo.
Ethifi, did you notice any problems with bass in your listening room? My is almost the same size (12ft x 17ft) and I am affraid that it is too small for such a big boxes.
Krzycho : the 938 are very sensible to speaker cables.
To get something good you need the good cables, i used to run my 938 in a small room with no problem at all.
I have no problems whatsoever. Surprisingly, the bass is not bloomy at all. Maybe because I am sitting 40% along the long wall. In my previous place, I was sitting to the back wall and the bass was very bloomy. In fact, after over 1.5 months run-in, the bass on the speakers is beginning to sound more punchy. When I first received the speakers, I complained to the dealer that bass was almost missing. My current amp is a cheapo-sort of amp which I bought over 10 years ago; it is the weakest link in the system.

Agree with Ndeslions that cables are also important. I have the AU24 and they are wonderful.
I noticed that there is an importer in US that brings the Sovereign brand. These are the absolutely best transistor amplifiers in the planet. I own the Sovereign Director preamplifier and the Sovereign Power amplifier with my Hyperion 938 and I still haven't heard a system costing up to 100.000 Euros that can be compared with mine. You better have a listen soon....
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No my friend I have absolutely no business relationship with Sovereign brand. I am located in Athens, Greece so I have no real financial interest about Sovereign sales in US. I just bought the Sovereign preamplifier (the Sovereign director) last week to combine it with the brand's cheapest power amplifier. I really believe Sovereign Director is the best preamplifier in the planet(together with the Tidal Preos). I also think these guys are a well hidden secret (even for the Europeans) so I honestly believe they can give Hyperion 938 users the chance to realise how really superior is their speaker to anything else out there. Only Tidal Contriva can safely beat the Hyperions in my opinion.... And the Sovereign is the best match I have ever heard them with (I have also tried Bryston, Primare, Holfi, Burmester 911 MK3, Wavac 805, Hyperion monoblocks,Symphonic Line)