Power cable

Hello everyone, curious on thoughts for a power cable for my Pass Labs X250.8 ?  At the moment I’m leaning at the Furutech DPS 4.1 cable with the 48M NCF Rhodium AC connectors. The outlet will be the Furutech GTX-D NCF Rhodium as well. I have read a bit on this. Curious on everyone’s thoughts. I have chatted with a few members here already and owner of Vhaudio. Do you guys think the cost is worth it overall ? Thank you 


Let’s not turn this discussion into why cables matter. Ignore the spam and stay on topic. 

If you can't hear the difference cables make you are either deaf or unwilling to invest the money to get the experience of the changes. I'm no 40 year audiophile and I've been through a few and they all make a difference. Hell changing from my Shunyata Delta v2 XC to an Alpha V2 XC on my Denali made a very distinct difference. A few here are really earblind(?) Tone-deaf? 

Im with audphile 1...the 50 r ncf.Worth the cost...pay once and pat yourself on the back for the wise choice later....All about the burn.Love the audioharma!

@shtr74sims, yes I’ve had the AQ Thunder going from an isolated wall socket in my living room to the Niagara for the last three years without any issues.