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Hello everyone, curious on thoughts for a power cable for my Pass Labs X250.8 ?  At the moment I’m leaning at the Furutech DPS 4.1 cable with the 48M NCF Rhodium AC connectors. The outlet will be the Furutech GTX-D NCF Rhodium as well. I have read a bit on this. Curious on everyone’s thoughts. I have chatted with a few members here already and owner of Vhaudio. Do you guys think the cost is worth it overall ? Thank you 


I highly recommend trying an Audio Quest Hurricane or Dragon. I completed about a year long quest to get a really transparent power cord. I tried, almost all Cardas, wire world, Transparent, DHLabs… and the Hurricane was absolutely perfect, exceeding neutral balance and transparency on all levels. 

This cord was a real breakthrough… way better than any I have ever tried. My systems are on line if you would like to know where I am coming from.

I don't like to have to look up the model of every cable that everyone posts but I'll give you 2 thoughts on it and you can make your own decision:

1.  I like my power cables to be all 10 awg.  12 is probably ok.  14 no.  10 is for sure ok.

2.  rhodium is trendy but has a conductivity only 38% of copper.  Steel is 7% so it is actually closer to steel than copper. So I avoid Rh.


It really depends on what sound characteristics you’re looking for in the context of your system and tastes.  What specific improvements are you looking for over the outlets and power cords you have now?


2.  rhodium is trendy but has a conductivity only 38% of copper.  Steel is 7% so it is actually closer to steel than copper. So I avoid Rh.


The Rhodium coating in power plugs sounds very hard and brilliant which we don't want. The better power cord sounds closer to the original music. The original music sounds cleanest, smoothest and the most musical.   Alex/Wavetouch

I would put my surplus cash into room conditioning before I would waste my money on power cords.  You realize a good quality amp converts the AC to DC, filters and regulates, and could care less about the 6' from your wall outlet to your amp.

@ghdprentice AQ Hurricane is a very nice cable. I had it long enough to get verry familiar with its pros and cons.
Hurricane’s emphasis on bass had me impressed initially with its power and texture. However , it happens to also be this cable’s curse. Eventually I realized it was all the coloration and its tendency to sound bottom heavy, which in turn muddies up the mids and warms up the treble a bit too much. The air was missing. It sounded pinched in the highs.
The DPS-4.1 with FI-50 NCF plugs has a more open sound with tighter, more articulate bass, clearer mids and sweeter more extended highs. There’s more air around the instruments and vocals with the Furutech. The soundstage grows wider (depth is about the same).

As far as Rhodium plating goes, and this is based on my experience with Audience AU24SX speaker cables with Rhodium plated spades, the two GTX-D R NCF outlets, the FP-S55n power cable with FI-50 R NCF and the FP-S032n power cable with regular FI-50 R connectors. There’s absolutely zero hardness/harshness to the sound. The presentation is free flowing and relaxed.
If there’s a downside to the aforementioned Furutech components it would be the break in process where you get excellent sound right out of the gate but it degrades quickly, within the first 24 hours and the rollercoaster begins. At different points throughout the break in you will have dull highs, gray and veiled mids, weak bass, nasty brightness. This all goes away and the cables and plugs begin to settle after about 300hrs and continue to improve for another 200-300 hrs after that.
It’s extremely annoying and not easy to live thru but hang in there and you’ll be rewarded with great sound.

@shtr74sims Talk to Chris at VH Audio about the plugs for DPS. I wouldn’t go lower than FI-50 R for that cable. Not worth sitting and wondering what you may be missing.

Just for context…power cords I tried…

Audioquest Tornado

Audioquest Hurricane 

Audience AU24

Audience AU24se-i HP

Audience AU24se-i MP

Audience Forts F3

Acoustic Zen Tsunami

Acoustic Zen Krakatoa

Acoustics Zen Gargantua II

Cardas Clear Beyond

DCCA The Source

Furutech FP-S32n

Furutech FP-S55n

Furutech DPS-4.1

Nordost Red Dawn

Nordost Brahma

Nordost Heimdall 2

Purist Audio Design Museaus

Puritan Classic

Puritan Ultimate 

Shunyata Cobra

Shunyata Venom

Shunyata Taipan Helix Alpha

Shunyata Python Helix Alpha

Shunyata Alpha V2

TWL American Digital

TWL Seven Plus

VH Audio Flavor 4

WireWorld Platinum Electra 7

Anticables Level 3 power cord might be one to consider.  I used one on a Pass INT-25 and now a Rogue Pharaoh II and for the money it was a revalation of sorts.

@rsf507 I would say 1500 max. There doesn’t seem to be much compared to the Furutech from what I am reading. 

@soix overall I would say something that would bring everything together more. My GIK panels came in a few weeks ago. I do like that they have done and I have more to get, taking in slow and methodical. I do wish the quality of the GIK were better but they do serve a purpose. I wish I had the time to make them with my buddy. The quality would be much better. 

I use Cerious Technologies with Pass, including X250.8...3 models depending on what you want to spend...all worth the increase in price...

Don't waste your money.  Put it into room conditioning.  A good quality amp converts AC to DC, rectifies it, filters it and regulates it.  It could care less about the 6' to your outlet, the distance to your electrical panel, or the run up to the transformer on your power line.

overall I would say something that would bring everything together more

Would you say you’re looking for more detail or air in the treble, more tonal richness or color, etc.?  Or, put another way, what to you seems not as together as you’d like currently?

Here’s a review of several outlets I found interesting as they’re compared directly to each other (and includes the GTX-D).  I came away intrigued by the Cruzefirst Maestro outlet for its design, sound characteristics, and value. 

Here’s another review that had similar findings…



@ghdprentice at the time I bought my Niagara 1200 they told me those would be overkill for it. I went with the monsoon cable, it’s a good cable overall but I’m curious what’s out there and power cables seem to have great effect…. Depends who you ask. Haha 



The effects the Hurricane had on your system is nothing like the effect it had on my system. Which, of course we know is a thing and why you have to try stuff in your own system. I will say the the Hurricane has taken the industry by Storm (teehee) over the last couple of years… so I think your experience is likely the less common. 

@soix I read those not long ago haha. I am pretty happy where I am at the moment. My panels are up too, still waiting on the face plates for the ones behind the couch. They sent the wrong color on accident and the ones that shipped were damaged. They are up for now haha. I do have a few more panels I want to get but doing it over time to hear the changes. More or less reading on the outlet and power cables now .

@shtr74sims, when I bought my AQ Niagara 1200 for my hp system, I tried the Monsoon and the Blizzard before I settled on the AQ Thunder power cable because I believed it was the right price for what I needed. My very nice audio gear dealer let me take home an AQ Dragon power cable just to try for a week. Did it make the music sound clearer and more defined than the AQ Thunder? Absolutely it did. Was it worth another hand full of thousands of dollars? No it wasn’t in my setup. The thing that I really like about the Thunder is it’s overall neutrality. 

@ghdprentice Don’t get me wrong, the AQ H is a very good power cord. I tried Shunyata Alpha v2 while I had the Hurricane to see if I can get a more neutral and balanced presentation and it did sound more open but ultimately the Alpha was much cooler sounding and caused a fatigue quickly. With Hurricane I could listen for hours without a desire to lower the volume. Again, It’s a very nice cable and I totally see how it can work in other systems. I think it was just too much of a good thing with the already warmer sounding Pass amplification. I wanted something more balanced top to bottom without the emphasis on bass or any particular region for that mstter. The Furutech FP-S55n cable provided that in my system but the DPS takes it even further without being analytical and artificially detailed. It is 100% worth trying the AQ H though. If it didn’t work great in my system it doesn’t mean it’s a bad cable. It’s all about synergy.

I have a few Pangea AC cables which are a relative bargain compared to ultra expensive ones (the AC9 is like a garden hose but note that it will not work as an actual garden hose so don’t even try that)...I also have an older PS Audio cable that looks cool, so let the jealousy begin ("Wow, a PS Audio AC cable...this guy has TASTE"). I didn’t detect much difference in the sound of my system with groovy AC cables, but they seem well designed and make me feel better so there’s that. I’ve installed "audio geek" outlets for the gear heap...grippy, very grippy. Also, "room conditioning" can make your room sound different but not necessarily better.

id like to read thru this discussion without having to sift thru spam posted by r042wal

Let’s not turn this discussion into why cables matter. Ignore the spam and stay on topic. 

If you can't hear the difference cables make you are either deaf or unwilling to invest the money to get the experience of the changes. I'm no 40 year audiophile and I've been through a few and they all make a difference. Hell changing from my Shunyata Delta v2 XC to an Alpha V2 XC on my Denali made a very distinct difference. A few here are really earblind(?) Tone-deaf? 

Im with audphile 1...the 50 r ncf.Worth the cost...pay once and pat yourself on the back for the wise choice later....All about the burn.Love the audioharma!

@shtr74sims, yes I’ve had the AQ Thunder going from an isolated wall socket in my living room to the Niagara for the last three years without any issues. 

@adasdad I would likely keep the monsoon for a bit. I would first like to try the Furutech 4.1 from my power amp to the wall directly. 

jhnnrrs then both a youse could stand to learn reason.

theres nothing reasonable about coming into a discussion about topic B and declare it should be swapped out for topic C. it unreasonable, presents a false dichotomy and plain stupid. 

theres nothing wrong with staying out of a conversation ur not qualified to contribute to or participate in. 

I have a loom of Shunyata Alpha v. 1's, including one on my 250.8.  I think that Shunyata's are great cables.  However, on my 250.8, it replaced an Audience Power Chord, and although it was slightly better, was not a major difference.  Over stock . . very audible difference.

The NCF sounds like a good option to me. Cable Co said the NCF is better balanced than the original rhodium and that's why Furutech stopped offering a gold outlet. I agree Hurricane HC may not be good for the mellow Pass. I tried to like mine but it had a serious roll off starting in mid-treble no matter what component I had it on. This from someone 60+ who can't hear 10k anymore. The bass was also like Cardas Clear IC and speaker cables, very extended and powerful down low, but no bloom at all, almost a slight hole in upper bass, to my ears. It was still a great cable though, exceptional clarity, low noise and mind-blowing microdynamics. The macrodynamics were in line with a 12ga cable so another negative.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Synergistic Research. I didn't like the Foundation HC due to pronounced bass at 170hz, but I think there's a used Euphoria HC for sale. Definitely try to get to 10ga if you can. The Pass deserves Galileo IMO. I was late to the AC cable party and regret it. They make a big difference to my ears.

Never was much into the power cord debate until I heard the AQ Storm Series power cords.  There may be other power cords out there that actually improve the sound but I stopped looking after hearing the AQ.  Even the Thunder is quite an improvement over various cords that I used in my system.  The Storm Series definitely lowers the noise floor letting you hear more of the detail in the music.  

@bmontani I currently have the AQ monsoon. I’m happy overall, can’t help but be curious though. ..

Never had a Monsoon.  I tried one AQ Thunder n my p20 power regenerator and was impressed.   Sold that and purchased 7 AQ Hurricanes for my entire system.  I think the Hurricane is the sweet spot in the AQ lineup also didn't want to drop 35 k for the Dragons.  Very happy with the Hurricanes.  The storm series was the first power cable where I actually heard a difference.  I was a skeptic until this point.  It is real.  I know many dispute this claim.  I could never understand why there would be any difference until I was introduced to the concept that electrons don't travel thru a power cord like water thru a pipe.  The energy is actually propagated through an electromagnetic field surrounding the cable.  Using this understanding, it made sense to me how cables could actually be different.  I think the biggest benefit from the Storm series is a lower noise floor.  

Zavfino OCC Silver Dart Graphene


4 years ago Audiobacon did a PC shootout:


I purchased a few Kimber Kable PowerKord 10 Palladian PCs based on this shootout.



Thank You for posting the Audiobacon shoot-out. That was quite a comprehensive list.


Happy Listening!



Thank You for sharing your list. That is quite a shoot-out!


Happy Listening!

My Suggestion is not to rush in on a purchase of a Cable from a Branded Supplier.

You can learn a lot by trying out variants of the surface areas of the Wire, or strands and strand thickness used to produce the wire.

A wire produced to the Spec' H07RN-F, can be bought from many locations at very small monies, the most expensive cost to be incurred at the off set only need be good quality connectors (preferably copper with Gold Plating)

The link suggests the Cable can be found for as little as £00.60p per metre (39").

Once it is determined which gauge works best with a device, then only does it seem to make sense that similar gauge wire is sought out from the Brands with the additional methods used for the construction.

Also avoid being fooled into thinking, a screened cables is the most important of the considerations, many of the Power Cables that have I know about, through being in communication with others carrying out trials on Power Cables and have discovered the ones that have been thoroughly impressive are unscreened.

Screening/Exotic Screening all add cost, the more recognised the Brand, the larger the premium added to have their Screened Cable.   

Check out LA PRO AUDIO and their Gotham PC. You will thank me.

Enjoy the music!

I have had great results with the AQ Hurricanes.  Didn't want to go full Dragon ($5K per cord and I need 7)  LOL but the Hurricanes were affordable for me. In talking to tech support at AQ, they felt the Hurricane was that sweet spot.  

This thread has been idle for a while, and I'm generally more of a researcher rather than a contributor. Assess that as you will.

I've always been an advocate for good interconnects and speaker cabling, though I don't spend 1000s. I like DH Labs for interconnects and have used a few different speaker cable brands over the years.

I'd never felt the need to invest in power cabling, but can honestly say after doing so recently, it makes a significant difference for me. Nothing fancy here, just Pangea AC14SEs and a couple of AC9s bought second hand.

I have a few different system setups I play with here; NAD M3, Schiit Aegir as monoblocks with a Freya+ pre, Audiolab 6000a, Denafrips Pontus, Focal Aria 906s, VMPS RM30Ms, Zu Omens, Von Schweikert VR4s. With all of this equipment, the power cables made a difference. Move me to the believer column, thanks.