Power cable with small connector / termination

I am planning to make a change to move equipment to a more accessible location on a built-in cabinet/bookshelf in my house. The electrical outlet is in the lower section behind closed cabinet doors, but I want to have equipment on top of that, in the open area of the bookcase. This requires me to drill a hole at the back of the bookcase through the top of the lower cabinet so I can pass the power cable through it. I'd like to use a quality cable but all of the ones I currently own have gigantic heads on them and I don't really want to drill a 3 inch hole through the cabinet. Does anyone know of any power cables that have slightly more reasonably sized terminations? At least at one end, as I only need to feed it through one way.
3" diameter? Surely you exaggerate.

You don't say where you are, but if its an IEC connector those are only a little over 1". Probably a 1.25" hole will suffice. Or maybe you're trying to run several through just one hole and left out that little detail. Which happens a lot. Asking questions with sketchy partial inaccurate and/or irrelevant background information I mean. 

Still, buying power cables based on diameter, got to be worth points for originality. So, given that we know sound quality is no longer the main focus why not simply unscrew the connector from one end, slide the cable through, and re-attach the connector?

If you are handy putting a new IEC 320 end on, and either of these is smaller than your current connector, they would need a hole of about 1.75" to pass through.



I have several Furutech ends that are at or in excess of 1.5" diameter and needed 1.75" holes to pass through a custom built wall unit.
Would you consider using high quality cables to make your own? That would solve your size issues.
Thanks all for the tips. This is for a US 15-amp plug. An IEC isn't that big but all the cables I own have an IEC sticking out of a huge cylindrical head that's the same size as the male end of the plug. Maybe 3 inches is a stretch but definitely a 2 inch hole would be needed. I do see some of the Cardas cables seem to have smaller heads on them. Looks like Pangea cables also have small heads too. I have one of those somewhere I can measure to see for sure.

Do the connectors have screws visible?  As in removable like most aftermarket connectors.  If so and you are comfortable with a minor task of removing and re-installing one end you can reduce your drill size to that of the cord diameter + 1/8".   Sending the un-terminated end up through the now much smaller hole and re-installing the connector from up top.  Guessing you would now be in the 3/4" to 1-1/8" range for the pass-through holes. 

Just a thought to work with what you already own and not have to spend more for the sake of connector size.


I have done this several times with my sideboard.  Pop off the IEC side (as many cables don't connect the shield at that end) remove the L, N, G wires, route the cable through a much smaller hole, re-terminate and now you have a very clean install.   Obviously, not ideal if you plan on changing out the cable periodically.