Power conditioning. Equi-Core

I'm looking at upgrading the consumer level power conditioner on my system (Krell Duo 300 XD and Conrad Johnson pre-amp) with an Equi Core power conditioner.  Anyone have any experience with it? 
I own an Equi Core power conditioner and they work very well. That's not to say that other products don't work as well or perhaps better. which model are you thinking of purchasing?
I am looking at the 2400 which they're offering on sale at $1678.00 (normal list is $2799). I read in another post that they did a good job of keeping noise low from electrical current.  I'm using an old Panamax now that wasn't expensive and is now probably 20 years old. 
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I have the 1800, and will get a Deep Core. A knowledgeable audio guy came by a couple months ago, and said his Deep Core was the best PLC product he's ever owned