Power Cord comparsion

Has anyone compared these brands of power cord (ElectraGlide "FatBoy 24K Gold" vs Shunyata King Cobra or JPS Kaptovator or FIM Gold or NBS or CPCC model TopgunHC) and made any conclusion?
I compared the FatBoys, NBS, and FIM to the Powersnakes, no comparison--the King Cobra version 2 is very special. But expensive!
Hi Cyberchris, Heard all you have mentioned except top gun. Sold my King Cobras and replaced with FIM. King cobra v1 or v2 cannot better FIM in any category. The comparison was not close. Thread starts off with two different opinions. Maybe a system thing but I doubt it. After hearing the FIM I could hardly go back to the Snakes. KC sounds a touch grainy and no where near as dynamic as FIM. If my post does not convince you I will be glad to sell you my last KC at a very good Price. I am not exaggerating the sonic differences. If you are able to do a comparison, I am convinced that you will agree. If it is not an option to compare please e-mail me and I will be glad to give more info. The FIM line is very special.
I am also using the FIM Gold pc, KC's cannot compete. Better product and better price!
Have to agree on this one, the FIM's were clearly superior in my system. I tried NBS, Electraglide, Eel's, Black Mamba not the King Cobra. I think that was it. IMO the FIM's are quieter, more dynamic, fuller sounding like the real thing without any loss of detail, one caveat these things take forever to break in, stick with them and it's worth the wait.
Excuse me, but who in the heck is this FIM co. anyway? Can't find 'em on ANY search engine! How much are they, where are they manufactured, ?????? They need to take a lesson from a marketing 101. Or are they purposely trying to be "cool" and "underground"..... (or out of Chuck & Bob's gAArage?)
fim is "first impressions music," a company owned by winston ma. thier website, for now, is devoted to the music software they sell. the cables and wire are made in oregon. they have been in the design stage for some time and are just now coming onto the market. they have become the "wire of choice" at avalon acoustics, which used a prototype of fim's ic's and cables at the 2000 ces. the fim cords are much more widely distributed at this point than cables and ic's. the prices are in the nbs range.
FIM website is wma@fimpression.com (425-868-5326). They are not doing any advertising,no need too, just word of mouth. They are also back ordered through March, so that might tell you something! It's not a garage shop, just people that were not happy with any cables that they tried in there own system. Don't miss the the boat, check them out.
Tgraffair: Sorry, man but you screwed uP FIM's website. It's actually: http://www.fimpression.com/
I am enjoying the results from my whale elite > the last few weeks. I also have a pair of vipers and > like you a pair of eel references. Both the eels and > the vipers are similar in a lot of ways. Both have > excellent detailed and very quick in the treble. > It's > a toss up of the vipers and eels. But the eels were > about a third of the price so they are the better > deal. The equipment I have is all Levinson. 336 amp, > 26s preamp and a 30.5 and 31.5 digital set up. I am > driving a pr of Thiel 5i's. I bought my entire > system > second hand except for the eels and vipers. > When I received the whale elite and took it out the > cable is huge. But like BMI the manufacturer said it's user > friendly > and twists/flex on both ends. I was using the eels > on > my digital and the vipers on the amps. I keep > changing > to see what I like is better. I put the whale on my > Levinson 336 amp and put in some big band and > classical tracks. WOW the whale works great. > Everything was a bigger and wider sound stage. The > whale gives you more depth, deeper bass and > resolution. > I am very impressed with this whale and every night > that I've listened to it, the music sounds more open > and lively. I am continuing to break in the whale on > my amp and then going to move it around to the > different components. If the music sounds this good > , > I wonder what improvements if I get a few more. I > will > be getting another whale soon and put it on my dac. > In > the meantime I am enjoying this one. > > For anybody on the market for an incredible power cable for the money, I would start off with one whale and hear > the > improvements and move it around the system like what > I > am doing. The build from there and listen to the > improvemnts. Hope this helps you out. > Cheers-Will > > > > >
Wenyang, I just received my 5ft. whale yesterday and right out of the box I heard major improvments. The background noise was the quietest I've heard . Currently have 2 Fatboys, and 2 NBS statements in my system. This whale was hooked up to my wadia 27i dac and and the soundstage was wider and deeper. The bass was more accurate and quicker. Will keep on testing and comparing this whale to my other cords.This whale is an excellent power cord and if you can get one under $500 it's a steal.
I don't know about all of you but I have had some great luck with Tek-Line power cord. Tek-who you say Tek-Line, give him a call his name is Scott and he tells it like it is call 1-888-9tekline. P.S. tell him the tireguy sent you.
Electraglide, lately, introduced some copper (conductors) power cords (Fatman etc). Much better then their silver ones. Worth auditioning.
Wenyang, you talk about putting the "whale" on your 336. I'm interested in how you did that since the 336 has a captive power cord?
Krocdoc??? What are your assumptions??? Levinson had customized my 336 amp at my request.
Wenyang, don't get defensive, I am in no way making any assumptions. Did you send the 336 back for the modification or did you order it that way? Would you recommend having the mod done? What were the benefits over the stock 20 amp cord?
Whoa on the defense there Wenyang. A simple question and a sharp reply! This detachable power cord sparked my curiosity also. I have yet to hear of someone ordering a Levinson 336 with a removable cord. So what to do? I called Madrigal and talked to Steve in the service dept. and what do you know! They have not modified anyone's amp for detachable power cord. It must be nice living in your world Wenyang
It was not modified, the Levinson 336 was custom ordered. The 20A-iec gives no advantage if you are running 15A/ 125V lines. So wake up.