Power Cord for Audio Refinement Integrated?

I own a relatively new Audio Refinement Complete Alpha integrated amp.

I have noticed, though, that when I tell people this, the first question I am often asked is whether or not I have upgraded the power cable. I have not.

I am naturally interested in gaining additional performance of my unit, but I haven't a lot of additional money.

Have any of you upgraded the power cords on your Audio Refinement/YBA gear? Are you able to recommend a few models that I may try?

I am not sure where I would find such units; the place from where I bought my AR doesn't sell third party cords. Tweeter & Myer Emco (Arlington, VA) don't sell these, either.

Any help would be appreciated.

I owned an AR Complete integrated a while back and was suprised to see the stock power cord was 18 gauge wire. I replaced mine with a simple Belden 14 gauge unit which I installed a hospital grade plug. Did it help the sound? Can't say I noticed a difference but it just didn't seem right to use 11 gauge speaker wire when the unit's AC is supplied through an 18 gauge cord. Many of the so-called high end amps come standard with 18 gauge power cords.
YBA sells it's own proprietary power cord for their amps. Little bit on the expensive side, though.
At the pricepoint of your integrated, the Signal Cable Powercords make quite a bit of since and should be a nice improvement.

The Audio Refinement Complete improves considerably with a better aftermarket power cord. I have had one in my bedroom system for 3 years now. Depending on your associated components and taste, the best for me have been DCCA Powerwave, Shunyata Sidewinder Gold, and Virtual Dynamics David. Each of these provide a distinctive improvement in most parameters,i.e. dynamics, soundstage, transparency, and focus.Also,all these cords can be found used here on Audiogon from time to time for @$200.00(+or-). Good luck.
dare to be different...I tried the Signal cable power cord...thinned out the sound...tried to like it twice...amp sounds fantastic with the stock cord with my little system.
I agree with Chris. I have gone the route of trying various power cords and find that they act more like tone controls, either making it brighter, softer, puchier, flatter, boomier, etc. I have since went back to all stock cords. Each piece of gear now sounds as the manufacturer designed it to. Now it is easier to match your entire system because you are not altering the sound. And I couldn't be happier.