Power cord strain relief removal

Tryed to replace the power cord on my amp but couldn't get the strain relief out of the chassis? help.....thanks
Hi Groundhog,

If it the type of strain relief I am thinking of, they are designed to be installed and never removed. I've been in the same predicament as you and used a pair of diagonal cutters to cut off the original power cord from the inside of the chassis, then pull the cord out of the strain relief, the strain relief will easily be removable now since the cord held it in place. Then install a new power cord through the same hole and install a new strain relief and then solder the wires in place and you are good to go. Hope this helps but if I didn't explain well or you need additional help, I will be glad to help you offline via phone or e-mail.

FYI - I like to put expandable sleeving over new power cords as it looks better and protects the cord. The only time to do that is when installing a new power cord.

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If it's the typical two piece type, try squeezing the two parts together with small channel locks or pliers while pulling out at the same time. Another method is to insert a small flat blade screwdriver under the smaller part, pry up and pull out at the same time. Both methods may result in some scaring, if that's a concern, but you can always buy a new one.
Been through this a dozen times,

BEST way to do it without SCRATCHING the hell out of your chassis is, clip the old cord as near as possible to the old pain-relief and pull it out.

Heat up a solder gun and carefully melt it out, you'll be able to pick pieces out as they cool
(so you don't burn your fingers) works for me.

Make sure you have some ventilation or do it in the garage, gets a little stinky.

You can replace the pain-relief with a rubber grommet of the appropriate size from a hardware store, Lowes or McMaster Carr.