Power Cord Upgrade for Jolida 202

Looking for any recommendations for an upgraded power cable for my Jolida 202 amplifier. Anyone with experience or success with an upgrade, please let me know.
It's a trail and error thing. A lot depneds on the quality of electricity and duplex you are using. FYI, I have 2 PS Audio xStream PCs for sale. They work great with amps, power conditioners,
Idon'thavea Jolida but the only power cord that I have tried that seems to have made any audible difference is Audio Art Cable's -Iam not affliated. In addtion to it I have used PS Audio, Signal Cable , NAT. Good luck
If you are planning on spending 500 or more I would recommend the lessloss power cord, I don't think you can go wrong with this cord, it is awesome, check the reviews, good luck
I'm extremely happy with my SignalCable MagicPower cord on my Rogue Audio Cronus integrated (EL-34 tubes). Very affordable, and a noticeable improvement over the stock cord. Good Luck and Happy Listening !!
The Virtual Dynamics Power Three cord made quite an improvement over the stock power cord on my Jolida 502. To say I was impressed would be an "understatement".

I forgot to mention that if you're interested in the Virtual Dynamics Power Three cord, that there is quite a bit of discussion about it, in a thread entitled "Affordable Power Cords" that is here, under the "Cables" Discussion Forum. Rick Schultz, the owner of Virtual Dynamics, offered these cords for free for a limited number of people here on Audiogon. Many A'goners responded, and just about everyone who received these cables were "very impressed" with the performance from these cords. Indeed, some people were impressed enough to buy not only more of Virtual Dynamics Power Three cords for their systems, but other Virtual Dynamics (ICs, speaker cables, ect) products also. Myself I was very skepical about what performance changes that an "after market" power cord could deliver, but the VD Power Three cord made me a believer.