Pre and Amp suggestions for B&W Nautilus 804?

Does anybody have good info on the ideal preamp/amp combination for the B&W Nautilus speakers?
I had the 805s and now I have the 804s.
I have been using Classe Audio pieces.
I went from the CAP-80 to the CAP-151 to the CP-35 and the CA-101 combo.
I am looking for matching preamp/amp combos, solid state, with a warm character.
The ones that have gotten my attention are upgraded Classe, Pass Labs, Sim/Moon Audio, and Balanced Audio Technology.
Any imput?
Please have or have owned B&W Nautilus speakers.
Sorry to throw a different spin on this, but I have both N805 and N804 and tirelessly sought to warm them up, i use a Proceed AVP-s With a Linar 250 amp.

Finally after ALOT of different attempts my suggestions would be: Transparent ultra or reference speaker cables and meridian 508.24 or 596 DVD

These additions finally made this one very good system.
It added warmth and depth of bass as well as many different layers of bass, especially at lower volume levels.

Be sure if you cant find bi-wires (as i have) to use quality jumpers.
I use transparent Reference balanced ic's as well.

Hope this helps,as i put alot of time effort and money coming up with this combination.
My Musical Fidelity A3.2 is warmer than Pass and Sim integrated (though I've heard the separates are warmer) and to my ears better than Classe.
Rowland and bi-amped Electrocompaniet are two other great options but much more espensive.
My Musical Fidelity A3.2 is warmer than Pass and Sim integrated (though I've heard the separates are warmer) and to my ears better than Classe.
I use Audioquest Granite which is 60% off from Audio Advisor. This warms up the bass and relaxes the highs.
Rowland and bi-amped Electrocompaniet are two other great amp options but much more espensive.
I do no think I will do integrateds anymore.
The BAT integrated looks interesting; but for the same money, I don't know...
I am not interested in SSPs either.
Thanks for the imput, but I am looking for some feedback on solid state preamp/amp two channel systems.
I want them to be warm and have dynamic bass with amps rated at 120-200W into 8ohms.
Thanks for the cable imput.
I will look into those.
The ARCAM FMJ C30/P1 makes a great combination for the Nautilus, delivering great bass and outstanding warmth. Better than the Moon I-5 Intergrated.
I've had a pair of 804's for about 8 months. I've used them with SimAudio P-3 and P-5 preamps, and for amplification I've used an older SimAudio 4070 as well as a used Sugden Au51p. Both amps worked quite well. The Sugden is a 10 year old design, with lots of class A bias and good current delivery. I have had very good results using it on the 804's - it sounds tomally richer and more dynamic than the 4070. In terms of new solid-state gear, I'd probably recommend the SimAudio P-3/W-3 combo as providing a very high level of transparency, warmth, and dynamics for the price.

However, the very best I've heard my 804's sound is with a tube integrated. But not just any tube integrated - the KR18 BSI from KR Audio. It uses the 300BXLS tubes and puts out about 20 wpc with excellent current drive. This amp drives the 804's to near perfection, with smoother highs, more dynamics, a richer midrange and much better bass than any SS combo I've tried. It makes them into very musical speakers indeed.
I just sold my 804's 2 months ago and moved up to the 803's. I use the Mark Levinson #383. It sounds fantastic!! I use Cardas Golden Ref IC's and speaker wire(bi-wire). This combo to me just sounds right. Like music not Hi-Fi. Peace and Good Listening, Pat.
I use the 804N with Krell KRC 3 preamp and a Theta Dreadnaught power amp. The sound is very warm.

I also have the 804Ns sitting on granites stands made by HNE. They cost around US$500 here in the UK but they make a huge difference to bass weight and overall integration of bass with the mids. Without the stands, I find the 804s lacking bass weight and its bass timing somewhat odd. I certainly think that these stands are essential for the 804Ns to sound good.
I'm running B&W Silver Signatures. I traded in my Krell KRC-3 Pre and KSA-50S after Christmas on a Musical Fidelity A308cr Pre and Amp. I heard them after I ordered the MF Tri-Vista 21 DAC from a new dealer in town. I canceled the DAC order after hearing them A308cr's because I couldn't listen to my system without getting sick to my stomach. When reviewers say "it's like lifting a veil" from the sound, I now heard exactly what they meant. The Krell's served me well for eight years, but these Musical Fidelity pieces lifted the veil I never even knew I had. Also, try spiking the speakers with AudioPoints instead of the ones from B&W. PS. I ended up getting the Tri-Vista 21 DAC, and now I'm getting the lowest bass I've ever heard out of the Silver Signatures. I always thought Krell was the master of bass response.
Krell man,
B&W speakers like a lot of power! My B&W's have a sensativity of 93dB. I use 1200 watts per channel into their 4 ohm load. 50 watts, might have been a little weak for those excellent speakers of yours.

I am glad that you love what you have.

I second (third) the Krell suggestions. I added the new Krell integrated to my system and got a huge improvement. I have the CDM9's, which, to my ears are similar, but maybe not quite as nice, as your speakers. The Krell improved the sound in my system significantly. The B&W's loved the added power from this amp. Check it out.
I'm using the new Krell 400xi to power my Nautilus 804s with excellent results. This 400wpc (into 4 ohms>N804 operating load) Integrated Amplifier seems to have plenty of high current/clean power for these speakers. I'm also using the new Krell SACD Standard. An excellent sounding system for $10,000- I haven't heard a better combination at this price.

I have basically the same setup as the Krell man. I have the Nautilus 803 though. Sweet system. I found the digital cable in my system made all the difference. It would help if you would post your system so we can see what you have. Its possible that a new front end or a cable change is all you need.
I have 804s and have been looking at pre-amp / amp combos to go with my naim cd5 and 804s. In my search, I have spent a good deal of time at Innovative Audio in NYC. The Nautilus line was introduced to the media at their Manhattan location. Only 801 - 803s were introduced to the media at that time and the 803s were paired with Naim gear. Although they weren't developed with Naim gear, the engineers and Innov Audio's staff found that the combination has a "magical" sound. I have listened to the 804s with Naim and think it has a wonderful sound. I think the sales person (who was also the individual who helped set-up the Naim / 803 room) mentioned that the Nautilus line was developed using Linn and Krell gear.