Preamp(tube) recomendations

I have had it with HT.It just sounds cheesy.I currently have Aragon Palladiums and I like them.I would like to get a very good tube preamp,with XLRs out.Also looking for dac that will be able to be upgraded in the future.I am using Von Schweikert VR7s as my mains.
The BAT line of preamps are excellent. Without knowing your budget, I would urge you to listen to the VK-50SE. There are some preamps that do a few things better than the BAT, however, the BAT's do everything well.

Good luck.
I would second the recommendation on the BATs, assumming that you only need a line level pre-amp, or have an outboard phono. I'm very happy with my VK3i which will accept balanced or single ended and also has both choices for output, as well.
The BAT stuff is very good indeed, but listen to the CAT ULTIMATE! They will manufacture with balanced outputs at the customers request, as a matter of fact I just saw one listed here last week or so with the balanced option. The Mark Levinson gear as well as the Theta is upgradable and very good. By the way, what HT piece did you listen to that put such a bad taste in your mouth? .......Good luck..Vader
I have had HT for 3 years and it just has gotten ridiculous with so many friggin formats comming out every year.A great stereo rig will do serious hurt to any HT setup that I have heard.I have heard more than I care to.