Preamp with tone control.

Hello guys,
I need help to choose preamp. I'm building my system now and I will use Pro-Ject Xpression III turn table, Dynaco ST70 tube amp and B&WCM5 speakers. My question is, what kind preamp you can recommend for ST70 tube amp and, also I prefer to have tone control.
Found few preamps:
1. NAD C 165BEE ($899)
2. NAD 114 ($280)
May be some one can recommend better choice.
I recommend a Dynaco PAS 3X. This is a great sounding preamp and it is the mate to your ST 70. The PAS 3X is a little different than the other PAS preamps in that the tone controls are defeated when set to the center position for best sound. This preamp will always be worth as much or more than what you pay for it today and represents an excellent value.
You might want to consider the T+A 1520 or 30 which has multiple inputs, tone controls and superb sound.
VAS Citation I will fill the bill, it also includes various RIAA curves so if you have vintage vinyl you will be all set..