Preferred Contact Cleaner and Contact Enhancer for Audio?

I have been doing some research on the topic of contact enhancers. I've used the Stabilant 22A contact enhancer. I understand other options occur in this space, such as the Furutech Nano Liquid, the Mad Scientist Audio graphene contact enhancer, and Cardas Contact Conditioner (to name a few). Any one having experience with any of these (or others not mentioned)? And what about contact cleaners? Are any contact cleaner worth considering (beyond 70% isopropyl alcohol)?
So from what I understand of the graphene product offerings identified thus far, Perfect Path Technologies Total Contact Electrical Contact Enhancer ("PPT enhancer") and the Mad Scientist Audio Graphene Contact Enhancer ("MSA enhancer"), is that the former offers some sort of polymer solution component that cures over time that is absent from the latter. I would think that the cured polymer would be a pain to remove from contacts if components or cables were exchanged in the treated and "cured" system. For those who have used the PPT enhancer, what sort of experience do you have with this concern?
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I have used De-Oxit by Caig. Can't say it made any discernible difference whatsoever. Lovely wine red colour though horrible smell and crap taste.

Metal polish, Brasso etc, on the other hand did make a difference, (thinner, brighter, but not better). Unfortunately it was so strong it soon began taking the plating off the bits I was cleaning. It also smelled vile.

I then read that Naim audio (I was using their 32/110 pre-power) advocated against using any such cleaners because of the residue, so I stopped there. The furthest I go nowadays is to use isopropyl alcohol, a fairly high strength mixture. 

Decent interconnects, even ultra budget ones, should have tarnish resistant plating on as standard. All the metal Polish in the world will then have no effect, whereas with copper plated mains plugs you will see the dirt coming off immediately.    

Best not to get too paranoid about cleaning, but if I did I would start with getting my ears syringed again. It's been a good ten years.

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Even if it’s just isopropyl alcohol, be sure and clean all electrical contacts, including non audio contacts, e.g., fridge, other appliances, lamps.
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Now 1002 times. I’m not asking for input about virtues and faults of any given cleaner or enhancer that would precipitate a verbal food fight.

Consider this thread more as a poll than the past 1001 threads. 

Thank you. 
I had been using Kontak for 25 years with good result.

It make sound more transparent and detailed.

Most important thing is that it does not give any residue after cleaning.

If you close the bottle carefully, you can keep using it over one year.
The Gold is, not-ironically, for gold plated jacks and plugs. As Elizabeth suggested, the Gold is available in a 7.4 mL bottle with brush applicator (part no. G100L-2DB) for twenty bucks on Amazon. In that bottle is a 100% solution; the aerosol spray in a can is diluted, and messy. The red version is for non-gold surfaces.
Kontak seems fine, I can hear a slight difference after cleaning once a year.
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According to the Caig website, the D-Series Deoxit (red colored) is a "cleaner, rejuvenator, and protector", the G-Series (gold colored) an "enhancer, conditioner, and protector". The D provides "20% cleaning action", the G "0.5% cleaning action". The G-Series is formulated specifically for gold plated surfaces.
I will review the offerings from Caig. Thanks Elizabeth and bdp24.

As as I explained in my intro, I’m interested in those who have tried contact cleaners and contact enhancers for audio. For my system gear, both vacuum tube and transistor gear is in play, as well as cables.

If you came across something you liked or didn’t like, I would appreciate learning about all aspects. As I said, I would like to keep this as a polling place without getting tribal. Feel free to pm me if that makes you feel more comfort.
Been through the whole gamut, A to Z, isopropyl alcohol to Cramoline, Deoxit, Kontact, Tweek, silver paste, Nanotec Nano silver/gold particles suspended in shark liver oil, silver-gold paste, even Sol Electret from PWB, cleaners and enhancers up the wazoo. Even the Total Contact Graphene contact enhancer. As I stated previously no matter what your preference is be sure and clean all non audio contacts as well as audio ones. That’s rule no. 1
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Markertek sells the Caig Deoxit K-DG100L-2DB kit for $25.99 with free shipping. The kit contains both the Red and Gold cleaners, a 7.4ml bottle of each (the Red in that size sells for around $20 singly, the Gold for more, so the kit is a great value). Also included are a cleaning cloth and various swabs and bristle brushes (for tube sockets, RCA jacks, etc.). I received my order in two days, New York to Washington State!

Old thread I know - but does anyone recall an interview with  @jcarr who used a cleaner on cartridge pins. Does anyone know which one he used?

Alcohol 70% is a NO NO it’s water based.

I recommend CRC quick drying Contact Cleaner 

to clean contacts such as RCAs USBs, Speaker Cables spades or bananas 

even electric plugs. Use cleaner first and then use Gold DeoxIT.

Happy Listening, Jim

you can buy 90%+ iso at most drug stores


I recently bought Mad Scientist Audio GCE and am floored how good it is