Prima luna dialogue 2 tube rolling

Hello all,

I would appreciate your input on this. My current set-up is a PL dialogue2 with the stocktubes, Klipsch forte2 w/crites crossover/tweeter/midrange. I enjoy the sound and I’m re discovering my cd’s/lp’s and listen a lot. However, sometimes I would like a bit more warmth in the sound without giving up detail/dynamics.

So after some reading on the internet it didn;t took long till I’d tried a set of Tung Sol 12ax7’s 1st impression was wow, more air, larger better focussed image, more detailed, perhaps a tad warmer. Unfortunately it also added a bright harsh tone to the top end on a lot of records which was very unpleasant to listen to so for now I’ve put the stock 12ax7’s back. Shame, without the harshness it would be a step up.

Sometime ago they was a tread by forum member Dramapsycho concerning the PL dialogue, ending up with Sylvania 6l6’s tubes + some Telefunken and solve a harshness problem. I’m now considering SED 6l6 tubes as they are described as the best alternative to NOS several times and they’re not as expensive. Will this in the right direction? Anybody has experience with the SED tubes, of other pre/power tube suggestions ?

I would like to hear you input, thanks
I think you can use EL34 in this. I have the PL2 and the EL34's were a much smoother sound then the kt88's.

try some Mullards in the preamp section if you want some warmth
Yes use the fairly expensive true NOS made in Great Britain Mullards for your 12AX7s. I think it will solve your need for more warmth.
If the Mullards seem too warm to you; try Amperex. Keep in mind; the more transparent/accurate the tube, the more revealing your system will be of poor recordings, and/or any other weak link upstream(ie- a bright or grainy CDP). Also- anything you do to extend/accentuate your highs, will be rendered even more prominantly through your Klipsches.
The NOS ECC83 Mullards, which made before 1970's, during 50's are the best, imo. They are not dull or to warm or what ever, they are just great. I rolled lots of ECC82, ECC83 in my previous Primaluna Prologue Two and ended up with NOS GEC KT88 + ECC83 Mullards + CV4003 Mullards. Even in my CDP still sit 2x ECC82 Mullards. I also highly recommend NOS E83CC TESLA or ECC803S at least, but dont mix up them with general ECC83 or fakes, cos they are nothing alike, here you can read all info you need

Further, I tried all kinds of TUNG SOLS, TELES, BRIMARS, TUNGSRAMS, PHILIPS, SYLVANIAS, but still prefer truly NOS Mullards. You can make some nice combination, where not only the Mullards are in, but say TUNGS SOLS BLACK GLASS + Mullards, but better would be BRIMARS and MULLARDS, but than again, made during 50's or earlier 60's

One last, but sure not least, is Mullard CV491=ECC82, but than again, sorry for mentioning this over and over again, but you need the one from 50's, this one

I know that it may sound bit to Mullard, but thats my conclusion that I have based on years of tubes rolling, where folks see them as warm only, which is not the whole true, imo.

About EL34. I only tried NOS TESLA's and found them a very good alternative to NOS GEC KT88.

Good luck and hoping your wallet can handle it:)
Thanks for the suggestions so far.

@Maxmad Thanks, probably I will end with NOS tubes but at the moment my wallet still needs a bit recovery due to a happening involving tubes that took place about 2 months ago;)

What about the, more affordable current production pre and powertubes, which brands and types tend to add a bit of warmth?

Is it wiser to change the preamp tubes for a bit more warmth or change a powertube instead so you can use more transparent sounding preamp tubes?
You can go for GENALEX KT88, seems to be a nice modern production tubes. Alos, C logo of Svetlana's EL34 are one to take a look at.

Yes, pre-amp tubes are very important and you can better invest in some nice NOS, not very expensive, but still a good one and thats BRIMAR's of

or RCA long black plates

Make sure that the plates are long and black, before buying, its very easy to see what ever its grey or black.

Check Ebay UK more often, where lots of interesting valves comes up, but be carefull about their test results, cos lots of shity stuf are on Ebay, where folks just dont tell the true, so, your own tester is a must if you in the tube world.

Good luck.
I found this web a very good for the info
Maxmad, Rodman, for those of us who cannot afford true NOS tubes, what would you guys consider the best subs? I have a Dialogue 2 powering a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls.
I am sorry guys, but the only advice I can give you is search on Ebay or else and wait for a good deal. Personally, I am not familiar with modern production, but there are sites where you can ask that, cos they are not selling them only, but have lots of experience to, especially for PrimaLuna amps, here, probably one of the best you can find, just send them an mail and point out your preferences

In the mean time, safe some dollars and be patient.
Thanks, Maxmad, I do mean to contact Upscale at some point, but don't want to bother them until I am actually going to buy, which unfortunately I am not in a position to do at the moment.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from anyone who does have some experience with rolling the more inexpensive tubes in a Dialouge 2! I have tried a couple of EL-34's and I think overall I prefer them to the KT-88's, but that's about as far as I have got at this point. I have only tried the stock KT88's and two different EL-34 Mullard copies, which are very similar to each other. One is Russian but otherwise unidentifiable to me at this point, and the other is Electro-Harmonix.
@ Maxmad Thanks for the info, I will send Upscale a mail

@ Learsfool I'm curious about the main differences in sound between the Kt88's and the EL34's Why you did like the EL34's more?
Hi Delta - well, as I said I think I like them a little more. It really depends more on the specific recording. The EL34's have a slightly warmer, more prominent midband in general, however I believe that the specific EL-34's I am trying are considered to be on the brighter side of the type, so there really isn't a huge difference with the specific ones I have. Both sound good with the amp, it's really a matter of personal preference, mostly.