Prima Luna Pre vs Modwright LS100

I own a LS100 and a standalone phono pre (Art Audio Vinyl Reference). I was wondering how the EVO400 would compare to the LS100 preamp. Thoughts?
I haven't heard the EVO400, but have heard some of the Primaluna integrateds.  Much more "syrupy" sounding.  It's beguiling, but I think it would wear thin after a while.  I'll keep my LS100 thank you.
I have not yet listened to an Ls100. I have a PrimaLuna Evo400 Preamp and the matching power amp. Although there is certainly a smoothness to the sound, I wouldn't go anywhere near a description like "tubey".  To say it's "syrupy" seems a wild exaggeration. To be honest, I think the PL gear is closer to a SS sound than more traditionally sounding tubes. 

I'm no expert, but it would seem to me that comparing two tube preamps would best be done using driving a known neutral power amp. Only then can you truly appreciate what the tubes/design are doing for you.

I'm actually considering trying an Ls100 to get MORE of a tube sound, based on what I've read. 

I mentioned that I had not heard the EVO400 and that my comments were based on other PL units. Thanks for adding your listening experience.  Which tubes are you using?  The PL integrated I heard was using EL34 tubes if I remember correctly.  

The LS100 is not "tubey".
i will chime in here, having spent time w both units

with stock tubes in both units, the modwright is less tubey sounding than the PL, more extended, esp in the treble

start rolling, things change, you can move either in either direction
thanks. It sounds like the preamp I have is reasonably good preamp that I dont need to run out and change. I will keep my  eyes and ears open for something used (4K range) that may give it a run for the money.
I had an EVO400 int prior to my LS100 with phono. Sound is always subjective, as I feel both sound awesome. The problem I had with the Evo was the remote control volume. I would try to bump up the volume just a little, put it would always increase too much. The volume increments made the remote not very useful. I would probably still have the EVO if I had not decided to go back to separates
Be nice to know the rest of your system and what are you hoping to achieve? Why are you unhappy with the LS100 and is it the weakest link in your system? Of the ModWright preamps, the LS100 is known to be the more tube sounding one, but if you’re looking for a more refined preamp how come you’re not looking at the LS36.5?
I have options:
GE, TungSol, RCA Grey Glass, another set of RCA (I forget what variety)For the rectifier I have Baldwin and Mullard
I am looking for a truly balanced low noise preamp that will have no issues driving 20 ft cables.
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