PrimaLuna Prologue one speaker match

Hi. I have a Primaluna PL1 connected to Klipsch Chorus speakers. Great sound but ugly speakers. I am thinking of replacing them with either the Definitive Technology BP 9020 or the Dali Zensor 3. Which would you recommend? I know the PL1 is 38 wpc. Is it enough to drive either of these speakers? Also, is there a problem using the builtin-in subwoofers on the BP9020 with the PL1?
Hi Sam -

Without knowing your room size or how loud you play your music, the PL1 should drive most speakers in the price range that you are considering just fine, within reason.  

I am just not sure why you would consider 'downgrading', so to speak, the speakers that you would be using.  I am assuming that you are using this system for music, as opposed to movies.  If it were for movies, the PL1 would be the wrong amp to use alone in the first place.  

If it is purely for looks and the desire to have smaller footprint speakers, you may be underwhelmed as you would be giving up a 15" woofer.  

I have had the PL2 and PL5 for the past 13 years.  Both amps were  originally used with Acoustic Research 302 (3 way, 10" woofer) speakers for 7 years and changed over to Opera Platea floor standers (2 way, 6" woofer).  Both very good speakers, but I gave up the oomph when I went with the smaller woofer speakers.   

I am now using Zu Audio Dirty Weekenders (not sure how you would feel about their looks).  I enjoy them a lot and I have recaptured the fuller ballsier sound.  

I would consider something like the Omega Super 7 MK2 speaker with the PL1.  I have had Omega speakers in one form or another for 15 years.  The 7 inch woofer on the Super 7 has real driving power and it pairs well with tube amps.  You can also choose your speaker's finish.


Hi Rich
Thanks for your reply. This is purely for music and not movies. There is no question the sound from the Klipsch is awesome, but I was looking for a smaller footprint. I bought those speakers 22 years ago when Klipsch was still 100% American made. I was hoping that with the advancement in technology, something like the DTs or Dali could reproduce the same sound despite the smaller size. I cannot afford the price on the speakers you were mentioning. I can't even find them used. 
What if I were to have the Dalis and hook a sub? Would that compensate?
Hi Sam -

If I can ask ...

what is your budget, how big a space, what do you like to listen to ... you get the idea.  

I have some ideas.  Just want to make sure I am not shooting in a barrel.